How We Developed Ural’s Gear Up as our Vision of the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle

Photo By: John Allen

When it comes to overland motorcycle travel, the journey is the goal, and choosing the right vehicle is paramount. With that sentiment, we launched the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle Build program in 2021. Now, in 2024, with three awesome bikes under our belt, we want to continue pushing the envelope and do something truly unique with our build this year.   

It’s hard to top three years of adding the best luggage, suspension, lights, graphics, tools, and more to a host of already fantastic two-wheeled machines. Furthermore, new bikes emerge every year with more features and higher specs. 

This year, rather than seeking out the latest, most tech-laden bike, we set our sights on the tried-and-true and looked to the classics for inspiration. Of all the truly iconic adventure motorcycles, perhaps none is more legendary (or more smile-inducing, for that matter) than the Ural. With a distinctive retro styling, three wheels, and a sidecar, the 2024 Ural Gear Up Standard will become our vision of the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle.   

Ural has been producing motorcycles since 1941. Their global headquarters are located in Redmond, Washington, and in 2022 they moved their facilities and supply chain to Kazakhstan. This bike is begging us to load up our gear, and find the road less traveled.  

Needless to say, we are chomping at the bit to get the Gear Up off the beaten path. Whether navigating sketchy terrain or fording streams, the Gear Up’s three-wheeled design provides traction and control unlike any other motorbike.    

The Ural’s on-demand two-wheel drive engages the rear driveshaft, sending power to both rear wheels and instilling confidence in even the most challenging circumstances. Moreover, the sidecar offers additional cargo space, allowing the rider to carry essential gear or bring along a friend on extended journeys.   

With the classic styling, a list of upgrades ranging from an electric starter to precision machining, and an all-new crankcase casting, Urals are more than modern enough to stand up to the rigors of adventure travel in the backcountry.  

The Ultimate Overland Motorcycle Build comes together thanks to our incredible build partners. Outfitting the Ural with some of the best performing and most unique products on the market, takes the bike to the next level of performance and comfort.   

Our Ural Upfitting partner is Kalaber Creations. Not only is Kalaber a retailer of new and used Ural motorcycles, they provide services, repairs, and modifications. Their storage racks and crash protection are integral to the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle’s final form.   

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Kalaber’s winch mount holds a Superwinch Terra 2500SR winch. Designed for ATVs and side-by-sides. The Kalaber winch mount bar is attached to the main frame of the Ural and the Superwinch features rugged 3-stage planetary gear train construction for the best all-around best performance.   

With a Mosko Moto Gnome tank bag, Reckless 80 rackless luggage system, and the Backcountry 40L duffle, the Ural is geared up to bring along everything we need for long-haul travels. Mosko’s luggage is known for its durability, MOLLE attachments, and versatile storage options.   

Denali Electronics will light up the Ural’s adventures with 23,000 lumens from their D7 PRO, the most feature-rich 4-inch driving light on the market for adventure motorcycles. The D7 PRO combines the power of a flood beam, spot beam, and hybrid beam, along with a dynamic multi-color Daytime Running Light (DRL) mode.   

The Ural’s RAM Tough-Mirrors offer excellent visibility and aerodynamic housing. The Quick-Grip Motorcycle Phone Mount with Vibe-Safe features vibration damping designed to protect electronic devices from a wide range of vibration frequencies.   

The Ultimate Overland Motorcycle Build features some other truly unique accessories, such as the ICECO 21QT APL20 fridge/freezer, which gives travelers the opportunity to bring fresh produce and cold beverages on their adventures.    

Riders on the Ural will wear the carbon fiber Scorpion XT9000 ADV helmet, among the lightest in the industry. A First Aid Plus kit from Uncharted Supply Co. ensures that we’ll be ready for first aid and survival situations in the backcountry. 

For tools, the Ultimate Build has a MAX from Forrest Tool Company on board, an ax-based tool kit for fire control and vehicle recovery. A pair of Civivi knives from We Knife Co., made with high-quality steel and featuring exceptional corrosion resistance, accompany the Ural’s travels. The Zeus Pro battery from Uncharted Supply Co rounds out the build accessories. The Zeus Pro is a battery pack with enough juice to jump up an 8L Diesel engine multiple times and charge your phone up to 10 times on a single charge.    

We hope you’re as excited about both 2024 Ultimate Overland Builds as we are. They’ll be at all four of our events, and during the times in between, our staff and journalists from various outlets will be getting them out for some quality dirt time.  

For full detail on the products behind the Ultimate Overland Motorcyle, check out the landing page for the builds. All products are also listed here below.

  • The Kalaber winch mount bar, attached to the Ural’s main frame 
  • A Mosko Moto Gnome tank bag, Reckless 80 rackless luggage system, and the Backcountry 40L duffle 
  • Denali Electronics with 23,000 lumens from their D7 PRO, the most feature-rich four-inch driving light on the market for adventure motorcycles 
  • RAM MOUNT’s Tough-Mirrors for excellent visibility and aerodynamic housing, and Quick-Grip Motorcycle Phone Mount with Vibe-Safe, designed to protect electronic devices  
  • ICECO 21QT APL20 fridge/freezer 
  • Carbon fiber Scorpion EXO XT9000 ADV helmet, among the lightest in the industry 
  • First Aid Plus kit and Zeus Pro battery from Uncharted Supply Co. for survival situations in the backcountry 
  • Forrest Tool Company ax-based tool kit for fire control and vehicle recovery 
  • Civivi knives from WE Knife Co. Ltd, made with high-quality steel featuring exceptional corrosion resistance 
  • ZOLEO Satellite Communicator 

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