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When you’re out in the backcountry, the first thing to run out (after beer, of course) is water. Whether you’re drinking it, using it to get clean, or doing your dishes, making sure you have enough is a huge deal when you’re overlanding. It’s heavy, bulky, and most importantly, when you do run out, that means going back to the grid. 

Photo by Geyser Shower Systems

Photo by Geyser Shower Systems

Photo by Geyser Shower Systems

Let’s take you back to seven years ago when Geyser’s founder & CEO committed his life to make the most of every drop of water. It’s 2016. Jonathan is feeling burned out with his corporate job (engineering medical devices) and decides to break away and travel the Australian Outback in his ’89 Troopy. It’s a soul-searching journey for sure, but it’s also a ton of fun. Nothing beats the sense of freedom that comes along with being outdoors for weeks at a time and sharing a good cup of coffee with the sun rising on the horizon. 

But suddenly, Jonathan runs into a problem. His friend sets him up for a blind date, and he smells like a burning dumpster. He hadn’t even realized it, but Jonathan had set all of his water aside for drinking. At this point in his trip, he has been on the road for weeks. He thinks to himself, 

“Do I use what’s left of my water just to shower?”  

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This time, he opts to visit a friend and shower at their place. That shower changes his life. This is about so much more than getting clean for a date. He realizes just how much we take for granted the fact that most of us have clean, fresh water on demand in our homes. He thinks about the people all over the world who don’t have access to this luxury, who struggle to access clean water for themselves and their families. There are 2.3 billion people for whom this is a reality. 

Water restores our dignity. It restores our spirit. Everyone deserves to have that relationship with it. So Jonathan decides then and there to commit his life to find ways to save every sacred drop. 

An overlanding buddy in Australia (shout-out to Rhan) hears Jonathan out and offers to let him tinker and prototype in his shop for a few months. Jonathan puts his design & medical engineering experience to work, and after six months of sleepless nights, the prototype for the Geyser System was born. To him, it’s not just a hot portable shower but a means to make the most of every drop of water – the first step towards building and designing an all-in-one water infrastructure to combat water scarcity all over the world. 

Photo by Geyser Systems

Fast-forward a couple of years, a Kickstarter campaign, and building a company in Montrose, Colorado, and suddenly we’re in the present day. “I’m extremely fortunate to be surrounded by a like-minded crew of people, and we’re on a mission to transform the planet’s relationship to water one drop at a time,” Jonathan says. “Our vision is to empower 2.3 billion people to have a powerful relationship with water. We’re in the business of generating sustainable change through meaningful, high-quality products, built right here in the U.S., that solve real problems for people.” 

When It Comes to Overlanding, That Means Saving You Water, Space, and Time 

Their hot portable shower systems deliver a refreshing clean anywhere, anytime. Notably, they’re proud of the fact that they’re extremely efficient & compact, meaning you get a 10-minute shower using less than 1 gallon of water, and you can fit your entire shower & dishwashing setup into a space the size of a shopping bag. They recommend keeping your shower and dish sponges separate, but you do you. 

From CEO/Founder Jonathan Ballesteros, “We’ve saved over 4,200,000 gallons of water so far. Thanks to the overlanding community, we’re on track to break 7,000,000 this year! Cheers to all of you, and stay fearless about getting dirty.” 

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