Industry Spotlight: INEOS Grenadier

Photo By: INEOS

A pub, a beer, and a plan. Sir Jim Ratcliffe had an idea and a thirst. He went to The Grenadier, a London pub, and met with four equally thirsty friends. But the thirst wasn’t just for the pub’s liquid fare. Sir Jim had a thirst for a rugged, no-nonsense, utilitarian 4X4.

Sir Jim, INEOS Chairman, and 4×4 enthusiast had long been an admirer of the old straightforward utility vehicles and their off-road capability. However, as this type of vehicle has gradually vacated the market, there remained a widening gap for a vehicle serving the true enthusiasts – not just for the weekends but also for everyday, demanding work.

“I spend time in off-road vehicles, and there aren’t many choices anymore. There’s a lot of the world where you have to drive vehicles off-road. All the car companies of the world are making luxury SUVs. They’re all making 4x4s – but not cars you can take off-road, so there was a bit hole in the marketplace, I thought.” – Sir Jim Ratcliffe

From that pub, poured pints of passion for a 4X4 “Built on Purpose.” A global vehicle for the toughest terrains, the most difficult work, and epic adventures were born.

And it’s truly built on purpose for the hardest working and playing audience on the planet. This new off-road model takes its inspiration from legendary 4X4 models of the past and the very best aspects of their designs while adding modern INEOS know-how to build a truly unique vehicle. But does the world really need another utility vehicle?

“The people developing the Grenadier – like those who attend Overland Expo – know there can never be enough capability. But it has to be more than just another cookie-cutter vehicle with slightly raised suspension and accent interior stitching that matches the tow hook color. Authenticity is key.” – Greg Clark, EVP of INEOS Automotive Americas

The project started in February 2018 and progressed very rapidly. The development project fused British design and entrepreneurship with German/Austrian engineering precision. From mid-2021, the intensification of the Grenadier’s testing program saw more than 130 second-phase prototypes deployed in extreme environments around the world. In total, the test and development program accumulated more than 1.1 million miles.

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The off-road capability was tuned at Austria’s brutal Schöckl mountain; INEOS engineers successfully completed extensive cold weather engine calibration with Grenadier prototypes in northern Sweden; vehicle dynamic development took place in Hungary; and hot weather testing took place in some of the world’s harshest environments, including Morocco, the Australian Outback, and Death Valley.  

“If you look in North America alone, you see the exact point we make about needing a vehicle for enjoyment, as an enabler for outdoor pursuits and the day-to-day necessity of work,” Clark said. “Yet, the capability of the Grenadier makes it so versatile as to be the best option in a very broad range of use cases. Just consider the amazing diversity of landscapes that North America presents, plus huge variances in climate and weather, including extremes like fires, floods, tornados, and blizzards. That’s Grenadier territory.”

Let’s be honest: The average 4×4 manufacturer is not testing in the minefields of Kosovo. INEOS chose to work with the most experienced suppliers and partners in their respective fields because the Grenadier must be a reliable, capable, and durable vehicle. For instance, they are working with The HALO Trust, a demining charity that runs over 600 off-roaders in some of the most inhospitable places on the planet. INEOS Automotive is aiming to develop a fleet of bespoke Grenadiers suitable for HALO operations, capable of supporting its lifesaving work in 25 post-war countries

With a BMW as the powertrain partner, the Grenadier is equipped with the award-winning straight-six, 3.0L BMW engine, enhanced for the Grenadier to deliver peak torque at low revs and sustain it through the range. It can maintain momentum and grip without stressing the engine, ensuring full control when tackling tricky terrain. The refined and powerful turbo gasoline engine produces 282 BHP and 332 lb-ft torque.

Photo by INEOS Grenadier | Testing in Morocco

Rigid, strong, simple, and stable are the foundations of the Grenadier full box-sectioned ladder-frame chassis. It’s the clear choice for a 4X4 designed for reliable off-road performance with a steel section thickness of up to 3.5mm, plus maximum corrosion protection thanks to a full E-coat treatment, cavity wax inside, and powder coat outside. It’s backed by a class-leading 12-year warranty.

“We have progressed light years since that meeting at the Grenadier pub,” Clark says. “The sketch on a beer mat has evolved into actual Grenadiers completing the 1.1 million grueling miles of testing and now rolling off our production line in Europe. A great pub and an even greater vehicle. I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this team.”

Disclaimer: This paid story was produced in partnership with INEOS Grenadier

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