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Outdoorsy is a crew of camping folks running the #1 most trusted RV rental marketplace in the world. Overland Expo is one of their favorite events to attend as a team because they love meeting overlanders rolling in from all corners of the country.

They’re stoked to be heading to Overland Expo PNW in just a few weeks. They’ll be at booth A438.

Their group will also be camping on-site the whole time. This gives them extra moments to build connections beyond the event itself. All attendees of Overland Expo PNW can camp on-site too. You can even rent an adventure rig from one of Outdoorsy’s nearby hosts.

A Bit More About Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy’s mission is to help people restore their connection with the outdoors. They started back in 2014 when founders Jen and Jeff sold their sticks and bricks, left corporate life behind, and took to the road on a business-building journey.

They spent that first year immersing themselves in the RVing and camping communities to build a world where more people get outdoors. Thousands of conversations and campfires later, Outdoorsy launched its platform to help adventure vehicle owners rent their unused nights to outdoor-craving guests.

Fast forwarding to today, Outdoorsy has hosted well over one million trips, expanded into glamping, and even a couple of campgrounds of their own. Even though they’ve grown up a bit, it’s still central to their mission to connect with the community. And that’s why you’ll find them at places like Overland Expo.

Photo by Outdoorsy

Camping at Overland Expo PNW

To camp on-site at Overland Expo, you’ll need a camping pass. You can choose from premium or general weekend pass options with camping. You won’t be able to camp without one of those, so be sure to get a pass in advance.

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If you buy a camping pass, you can participate in happy hours every evening at the Oasis Bar and Food Court sponsored by Toyo Tires, and there’s also a really great sense of community with the other campers. You meet lots of cool people and spend time with them over the weekend—this sense of community adds a whole extra dimension to the experience!

Photo by Outdoorsy

Essentials for Overland Expo Camping:

  • On-site camping is the best way to build new friendships, connections, and community at the event.
  • Camping is festival-style in a grassy field; there are no hookups available.
  • Overlanding is a tight-knit community of nimble rigs. Because of this, no RVs, travel trailers, or Class A or Class C-style motorhomes are allowed in the camping areas.
    • Rooftop tents, ground tents, and small overland vehicles (e.g. small campervans) are allowed.
  • Fur friends can camp with you. Be sure to read the pet rules before arriving.
  • Quiet generators are allowed but must be turned off by 10 PM.
  • Kakadu is a favorite when it comes to overlanding showers. They’ll have several of their portable units around as the official Shower Sponsor of Overland Expo.
    Prep as you would for an overland-style camping experience out in the wild (e.g. wet-wipe style cloths for the couple of nights you camp out).
  • Porta-johns are available for answering nature’s call.
Photo by Outdoorsy

Renting with Outdoorsy for Overland Expo PNW

If you don’t have an adventure rig of your own or just want to snag something that’s a better fit or closer to the venue, Outdoorsy can help.

They built this page to highlight campers for rent near the venue that will fit in the campground at Overland Expo PNW. That landing page is also targeted to the event dates, so if you see a rig on that page, it’s available for you to take to the expo.

Renting on Outdoorsy is a piece of cake. Many of their hosts have an ‘instant book’ so you can click and get immediate confirmation of the rental. Other hosts have their listings set to request to book with them. In that case, the host will have a short conversation with you to ensure you get everything you need and then confirm the booking. That process usually finishes within a day.

Trust and safety is the name of Outdoorsy’s game. They provide insurance and roadside assistance for every rental and their support team helps quickly via phone, email, or chat.

You could even have one of their rental vehicles delivered right to the Overland Expo PNW campground, so it’s ready and waiting for you when you arrive.

Outdoorsy hopes you’ll come see them at booth A438 while you’re in Redmond. They’d also love to catch you at the campground and/or help you rent a camping rig for the event. Happy trails!

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