Industry Spotlight: Polaris

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At Polaris, the passion for the outdoors creates a bond that goes beyond the mechanical. That’s why Polaris Off-Road Vehicles creates machines that can take you where others can’t – from deep in the backcountry to catching thrills riding trails in forests or dunes and everywhere in between.

Photo by Polaris

The all-new Polaris XPEDITION bridges the worlds of traditional side-by-side and overlanding with a vehicle that allows the most passionate adventurers to go farther and deeper than ever and discover totally new destinations and experiences. Polaris set out to deliver what they call the “72-hour adventure” for customers who crave epic experiences—which could be anything from camping, kayaking, mountain biking, and more.

With this new launch, Polaris has created a new category of “adventure side-by-sides” – vehicles designed to enable and elevate the broadest range of specific outdoor pastimes and pursuits. To date, with recreational side-by-sides, the driving experience itself has been the predominant focus of design and development. Conversely, with utility side-by-sides, the emphasis has been on labor- and job-oriented benefits. With Polaris XPEDITION, Polaris’ design and development efforts were focused on elevating outdoor adventure, delivering a level of adaptability, comfort, and capability to go farther into the wild, allowing new customers to explore the outdoors unlike ever before.

Photo by Polaris

There was a clear opportunity in the market around outdoor adventure and an increasing amount of consumers pursuing outdoor experiences, from the more traditional things like camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing, to more sport-oriented, athletic pursuits like mountain biking or kayaking. Polaris is driving the off-road industry forward with innovation in the adventure side-by-side market to meet the needs of passionate adventurers.

The Polaris XPEDITION performs without missing a step, allowing riders to conquer rugged terrain with thoughtfully designed standard features combined with Polaris’ widest range of accessories and customization options to date. With adaptability at the forefront, the 2024 Polaris XPEDITION features integrated fold-flat rear seats, a pass-through cab, and easy roof rack solutions to accommodate virtually any loadout. Delivering all-day comfort for any adventure, the Polaris XPEDITION is the first-ever sport side-by-side to offer a fully enclosed cab with full roof coverage, windows, and optional heating and air conditioning, providing riders protection from the elements.

Photo by Polaris

The Polaris XPEDITION offers two different models for customers to choose from based on their preferences and uses. The Polaris XPEDITION ADV model features a fully covered pass-through rear cargo box providing 36 inches on the two-seat and 63 inches on the five-seat models, respectively, of flat storage length. The Polaris XPEDITION XP features a dumping cargo box that measures 30 inches long to provide ample space for your spare tire and additional gear or accessories.

Both models are available in two and five-seat configurations in three trims that can be built up for whatever hobbies are of interest. With a flat roof that enables over 100 all-new adventure-focused accessories including, Rhino-Rack® roof rack and accessories such as the Polaris rooftop tent, kayak holder, fishing rod holder, MAXTRAX® traction boards, and more, these machines are ready for customization.

Photo by Polaris

The Polaris XPEDITION’s entire purpose is to get you and your friends far off the grid. This machine will redefine your outdoor adventures and do so in such comfort that the only thing that makes you remember you’re off-roading is the view.

Disclaimer: This paid story was produced in partnership with Polaris

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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