INEOS Ride and Drive at Overland Expo West

Photo By: INEOS

INEOS Grenadier will be sponsoring a Ride and Drive experience at Overland Expo West 2024 with the highly anticipated Grenadier 4×4 for enthusiasts and adventurers alike to get up close and personal with the rugged capabilities, robust engineering, and off-road prowess of the vehicle.

The INEOS Grenadier

INEOS will also unveil its latest offering to the North American market – the INEOS Quartermaster 4×4 quad-cab pickup – in its display booth. The Quartermaster’s world-class off-road ability includes ground clearance, wading depth, and departure angles to handle any terrain.

“Grenadiers and Quartermasters are the perfect combination of rugged and refined, so they can cope with the toughest off-road conditions and still be a great drive on the highway,” said Greg Clark, Executive Vice President Americas, INEOS Automotive.

The INEOS Grenadier

INEOS representatives will be on site to share more about the brand’s commitment to innovative engineering, its unwavering dedication to quality, and drive for adventure and exploration.

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In addition to the Ride and Drive experience, INEOS Automotive will also host informative sessions with Scott Brady, CEO of Overland International, and his crossing the continent of Africa, plus a session with Mercedes and Andy Lilienthal to discuss their Alcan 5000 Rally victory and experience reaching the Arctic Circle in the Grenadier.

With its rugged performance, uncompromising quality, and unwavering spirit of adventure, the Grenadier is poised to become the vehicle of choice for off-road enthusiasts across North America.

The INEOS Quartermaster

In 2017, INEOS Chairman Jim Ratcliffe, a car enthusiast and experienced adventurer, identified a gap in the market for an uncompromising 4X4 engineered for modern day compliance and reliability. INEOS Automotive Limited was formed and a senior team of automotive professionals assembled to bring the vision to reality with a fresh perspective of 4X4 development and manufacturing.

In 2022, the INEOS Grenadier was launched: a truly global 4X4 built from the ground up that combines rugged British spirit and design with German engineering rigor. The Grenadier provides best-in-class off-road capability, durability, and reliability with the modern comfort and refinement customers expect wherever they are in the world. In 2023, a double-cab pick-up variant of the Grenadier was launched called the Quartermaster, and in February 2024, a third vehicle line called the INEOS Fusilier was unveiled, which will offer two powertrain options to meet global consumer needs: an all-electric and a range-extender electric.

To find out more about INEOS Automotive, visit

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