Kammok Launches Fastest Deploying Car Awning

Photo By: Kammok

Austin, Texas-based outdoor gear manufacturer Kammok, just announced the launch of the Crosswing, which they are calling the world’s fastest deploying car awning. If the accompanying video is any indication, this could totally change the game for vehicle-mounted awnings – and from this writer’s viewpoint, it is about time.

If you’ve ever wrestled your awning out of the zippered, bug-gut encrusted bag only to have it fall on you as it unrolls from its resting place, and then spend the next twenty minutes fiddling with telescoping poles, guide wires, and velcro trying to get your awning secured, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Traditional vehicle awnings are cumbersome, involved, and non-efficient.

Meet the Kammok Crosswing Awning

Man deploying the Kammok Crosswing Awnign
The Kammok Crosswing Deploys in Three-Seconds. Photo by Kammok

Kammok Crosswing Setup

The Kammok Crosswing boasts a three-second deployment. That’s right three-seconds to shelter from the rain and sun. Click one latch and you can effortlessly pull the awning from its aluminum bagless housing and choose one of three deployment depths of 3-feet, 4.9-feet, or 6.5-feet. At the 6.5-foot deployment, the Crosswing provides 45.5-square-feet of coverage.

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The Crosswing was built to be tough. Kammok designed the awning to tolerate 20-25 mph wind gusts with their patent-pending X-Frame design. The crossed frame pieces allows the awning to cantilever off the mounting point and removes the need for those telescoping awning legs and guide wires that always seem to be in the way when you’re walking around camp at night.

Kammok Crosswing Materials

Woman sitting in a hammock under the Kammok Crosswing.
The Kammok Crosswing is UV-Resistant. Photo by Kammok

The surface Kammok Crosswing is made from VeloX™ eight-ounce 600D PVC Coated Polyester fabric that is waterproof, UV-resistant, and mold-resistant. The fabric will stand up to repeated deployments and is totally replaceable with new colors and custom designs.

Every Crosswing comes with two mounting options for a wide variety of OEM and aftermarket roof racks. The Talon Mounts are designed to clamp down securely on crossbars or you can use the t-slot system and bolt the mounts directly to the t-slot profile. Once that’s complete, you can even choose the desired mounting angle (+12º, 0º, and -12º) so the awning will be at the right height for your needs.

Kammok Crosswing Availability

The Kammok Crosswing is available right now through their Kickstarter Campaign for an introductory price of $599 for the 5-foot Crosswing (estimated retail price $849.95) or $799 for the 7-foot Crosswing (estimated retail price $999.95) The Crosswing is available in gray or tan fabric and is backed by Kammok’s Adventure Grade (lifetime) guarantee.

Check out more about the new Kammok Crosswing below:

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