Lighten Up: Brüder Trailers Get Carbon Fiber Option

Photo By: Brüder

Australian overlanding trailer maker Brüder Expedition has a new option if weight and towing limits are of concern: All models are now available with carbon-fiber construction.

Brüder trailers come in four sizes and range from $85,000 to $212,000 before you start adding gear or the carbon fiber option, and it was not immediately clear how much of a premium the carbon fiber construction will add to the cost. They ask that prospective buyers contact them.

Photo by Brüder

The burly, almost military design of the Bruder Expedition vehicles masks an opulent interior that can make most overlanding trips into comfortable getaways – and for a long time.

Photo by Brüder

The 19-foot long top-spec EXP-8 model holds nearly 100 gallons of fresh water and includes a 20kWh internal battery, marine-grade flooring, solar array, full kitchen, poptop tent, and a long list of standard features.

Perhaps the most impressive Brüder feature is the massive and fully adjustable suspension on the trailers, which allows towing over extremely rough terrain, through deep water, or air-catching high-speed travel if their promo video is any indication.

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The adjustable “Airbag” suspension provides a wide range of ground clearance options that will work off the pavement and can then be adjusted down for better towing efficiency on the highway. Once on-site, the system can assist in leveling the trailer. Hydraulic disc brakes on each wheel are also standard.

Photo by Brüder

Brüder says using carbon fiber construction has multiple advantages, including less weight, better towing efficiency, more durability, and even a dash of style. “Carbon fibre is incredibly robust, making your caravan more resistant to wear and tear. Whether you’re navigating rugged terrains or facing adverse weather conditions, your caravan will stand up to the test of time,” the company says on its website.

Those interested should contact the company directly for options and pricing.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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