Midland Introduces Portable Radio Base Stations

Photo By: Midland Radio

In a first for the portable radio industry, Kansas City-based Midland Radio revealed a new line of battery-powered radio base stations. The MXPW500 (compatible with Midland Radio’s MXT500), the MXPW115 (compatible with the MXT115), and the MXPW01 (compatible with the 40-Watt Solar Bundle). 

Midland Radio MXPW Radio Base Stations

Man using the MXPW Base Station in the backcountry.
Midland Radio’s new MXPW Series Base Stations. Photo by Midland Radio

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The MXPW series enables two-way radio users to achieve maximum GMRS range (up to 50 Watts) without being tethered to their vehicle or home, making the MicroMobile portable for the first time ever. The base stations are rugged and durable with a full suite of features, including long battery life, quick recharge, and solar charging capabilities.

Man using the Midland Radio Base Station in the backcountry.
The MXPW Series Base Station is untethered to use anywhere. Photo by Midland Radio

“We’re thrilled to bring a new product to the market that takes MicroMobile usability to the next level. Now, our customers can take their two-way GRMS radios with them wherever they go, without having to worry about losing power or sticking close to home. No other radio provider offers a compatible portable base station quite like this,” says Zak Al-Shawish, GMRS Product Manager at Midland Radio.

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The Midland MXPW115 Ammo Can Base Station set up on a table in the backcountry.
The Midland MXPW115 Ammo Can Base Station. Photo by Midland Radio.

Midland Radio MXPW Radio Base Station Pricing

The ammo can MXPW115 ($424.99) and MXPW500 ($599.99) Base Stations come packed with a powerful 4Ah LifePo4 built into a genuine surplus military ammo can. The ammo can is waterproof and nearly crushproof, giving you the ability to take your MicroMobile on the go without the worry of potentially damaging your radio or draining your house batteries. Radios are not included in the price of the base station – so factor that in when considering a purchase like this. The other addition is the MXPW01 40 Watt Foldable Solar Panel ($149.99) that works with both base station units.

If you’d like to learn more about Midland’s new products, please visit their website at https://midlandusa.com/collections/portable-base-stations

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