Nexen Tire Ride and Drive at Overland Expo East

Photo By: Nexen

Nexen will give you the chance to get behind the wheel or ride shotgun in one of four exclusive off-road adventure vehicles featuring Nexen tires at Overland Expo East.

Photo by Nexen Tire

Built to tackle any terrain, Nexen Tire has equipped three unique vehicles with its leading all-terrain and off-road tires: Roadian MTX Xtreme, Roadian HTX2 and the all-new recently announced Roadian ATX, the company’s next-generation all-terrain tire.

Photo by Nexen Tires

Photo by Nexen Tire

Photo by Nexen Tire

Show attendees will have the chance to pilot their choice of truck or SUV around a unique off-road obstacle course designed to highlight the rugged capabilities of Nexen Tires. This special course is where drivers can test their off-road skills in a Nexen-equipped vehicle or ride shotgun if you prefer. Representatives will be on the scene to provide assistance or answer any questions about tires during the three-day event.

Don’t miss this opportunity to try out some great off-road tires on a world class off-road course.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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