Prince Phillip Carried to his Grave in a Custom Land Rover

If you have watched the news or spent any time on social media this month, you undoubtedly saw something about the Royal Family. Unfortunately, the most recent bout of royal news was the death of Prince Phillip at age 99. When asked about his funeral arrangements recently, the Duke of Edinburgh, a lifelong Land Rover fan, was quoted as saying: “Just stick me in the back of a Land Rover and drive me to Windsor.”

Prince Phillip was a lifelong fan of Land Rover vehicles from his time in the military through his nearly 70 years married to Queen Elizabeth II where he owned and often drove many different Land Rovers. Prince Phillip famously chauffeured U.S. President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and the Queen in 2016. 


Although he gave up his license at the ripe age of 97, Prince Phillip was a lifelong supporter of Land Rover and even granted a royal warrant to the company over forty years ago. After Prince Phillip passed away, many photos have surfaced showing the Duke of Edinburgh driving and riding in a variety of Land Rover models. According to biographers, the use of a Land Rover Defender as a hearse was reflective of the simple life that Prince Phillip sought to live. Coincidently, or not so much, many of Prince Phillip’s contributions to British manufacturing and innovation have directly benefited the Land Rover brand over the years. 

The vehicle that transported Prince Phillip’s coffin from Windsor Castle to St. George’s Chapel is a Land Rover Defender TD130 that was selected eighteen years ago by Prince Phillip himself and designed specifically for the purpose of transporting him to his final resting place. The original chassis cab vehicle was modified to include the open air section to accommodate the coffin. Although perhaps only recognizable to the most extreme Land Rover aficionados, the original Belize green color was repainted Dark Bronze green- no doubt a nod to Prince Phillip’s military career. 


Despite the drama that seems to follow the Royal Family, it was refreshing to see such a simple vehicle lead the funeral procession of a man who lived a very full life. The service was quaint and understated compared to typical royal events. I have an obligation to report that there were no mechanical malfunctions and that the service went off without a hitch-as it should be. 

Header Photo by: Land Rover

Overlanding Industry News by Zach Elseman. Follow Zach @okienomads.

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