This All-Terrain Porsche Is the Overlanding Coupe of My Dreams

Yes, I know that a Porsche 911 would make for a woeful overland rig. It’s tiny, with stiff suspension that has virtually no flex, and its frunk offers little space for gear. Nevertheless, just conjuring the mental image of trying to conquer the backcountry in one of Stuttgart’s finest has the endorphins flowing through my blood. I don’t care if it’s stupid, I want to do it.

Finally, my imagination can take a rest. That’s because the illustrious brand Singer turned its sights on not one but two 1990 964 911s and turned them into trail-taming Teutonic runabouts. The pair have been dubbed the All-terrain Competition Study (ACS). And they are truly the things of my dreams.

If it weren’t obvious from a quick glance, these cars have been totally transformed. The bespoke bodywork, created entirely by Singer for these two cars, might mimic the 959 911-based supercar of the 1980s. But rest assured, these are all Singer.


The ACS’ 3.6-liter flat-six-cylinder engine now churns out 450 horsepower and 420 foot-pounds of torque. That power is routed through a five-speed sequential gearbox that can be shifted manually, should the driver choose, with paddles mounted behind the steering wheel. That new sequential box routes powers to not just the rear but to all four wheels (yes, it’s AWD) and the rear differential is a limited-slip unit.

The ACS twins do more than look the part. They have hardware to back up their sporting exteriors. Inside there is a full roll cage. The fuel tank has been enlarged. And Swinger found space for storage for spare wheels and tires in the frunk and rear parcel shelf.

The twin ACS were commissioned by a sole individual for god knows what purpose. Perhaps embarrassing every Subaru they encounter? Whatever inspired them doesn’t matter to me. I am just glad they had the gall and the gold enough to ask Singer to make them.

Images: Singer

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