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Enter for your chance to win:


I’m in! How do I enter?

>>> Record a video of yourself answering the questions below. Use a fancy-pants pro camera or your phone or your computer cam. Record it at your desk or on the rim of the Grand Canyon (please don’t fall in) — It’s the heart that counts so make the content good. (For tutorials, Google your phone or camera type to learn how to make movies with your device.)
>>> Enter using our Video Contest Entry Form.

Answer EACH of these 3 questions: 

Remember, we will pick the top five videos, and we are looking for heartfelt, quality responses.

  1. Who is your favorite exhibitor at an Overland Expo and why?
  2. What is the best or most important thing you’ve learned at an Overland Expo class or demo and why? 
  3. What does overlanding mean to you? (hint: this is the most important part)

Now for the details:

Q: Who can enter? A: Anyone, any age.
Q: What are the specs? A: Format needs to be MP4 or MOV; Production can be plain or fancy — it’s the thought that counts, think heart and soul
Q: What length? A: one minute or less (it’s longer than you think)
Q: Is there a limit? A: one video entry per person, but multiple people in one household can apply–even your kids, but make sure it’s their voice and thoughts.
Q: When is the deadline? A: Entries must be received by the end of business day July 13. That should give you time to think up some great stuff — maybe even shoot your video while out overlanding on the Fourth of July weekend.
Q: When do we announce winner? A:In the August Overland News

About the judges:

Overland Expo’s staff and our seriously great Training Team will judge the videos purely on how much they like the emotion, quality, honesty, and content. Jonathan indicates he is open to bribery if it involves sinfully expensive khaki clothing or pretty much any knife or flashlight. To meet our judges please see here.

The fine print:

Winning videos will be used (in part or full) in an upcoming promotional video for Overland Expo 2015 EAST and Overland Expo 2016 WEST. Winners will be named in the credits, and all rights to the video will be assigned to Overland Expo LLC for marketing purposes.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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