The VanMe Bobo Brings Modular Options to Offroad Trailers

Photo By: VanMe

In the world of overlanding trailers, there are expensive turn-key systems, basic platforms for the DIY crowd, and then a middle ground, where you might find the Bobo by VanMe of Germany. 

Photo by VanMe

Photo by VanMe

Photo by VanMe

Photo by VanMe

The Bobo does indeed start as a shell of sorts, but buyers can then add up to five fitted modules in a variety of schemes to cover their off-roading needs. There are kitchen modules, storage units, water carriers, cooler/fridge modules, and more, all on rails or behind doors with quick-release holders for rapid packing and unpacking. Up top, there are rails for adding a rooftop tent, awning, and racks for bikes and such. 

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The Bobo comes in two single-axle sizes, the 10-foot long L+ and 12-foot long XL+, and VanMe says they are designed to be towed off the pavement. The trailers come with off-road tires on aluminum rims as standard, plus rubber-sprung suspension and robust construction. Empty weight is about 900 pounds, and it can safely carry 1,300 pounds worth of cargo. 

Prices start at about $7,500 for the base trailer and rise to over $14,000 kitted out with five modules. Adding a tent, awning, and other features costs extra, of course. VanMe asks that you contact them via email to set up your Bobo and get it delivered.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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