New Sienna Trim Aimed at Getting Your Family Outdoors

Not everyone needs or wants a triple-locked 4×4 for exploring into the woods for a weekend of mountain biking or hiking. In fact, I would wager that a large group of Overland Expo attendees need a vehicle that is roomy and comfortable, efficient enough to drive every day, and capable enough to get to a trailhead or dispersed campsite. Toyota is joining manufacturers like Subaru in offering a slightly more capable trim of one of it’s infamously solid models- enter the Toyota Sienna Woodland Special Edition. 


If you have been sipping on the “minivan hate” kool-aid or you identify as an overland purist, this article might not be for you. The new Sienna Woodland Edition is built upon the extremely popular and proven Sienna minivan. Ask around at the local youth soccer practice or inquire in the school pick up line and you will be overwhelmed by how many people recommend the Sienna as a reliable, safe, and comfortable family vehicle. That reputation of efficiency is enough to take a bone stock Sienna on a round-the-world overlanding adventure, but Toyota has upped the ante. 

From a distance, the Sienna Woodland Edition is distinctly more visually appealing than the base Sienna. The striking Cement color, available only on the Woodland edition, is easy on the eyes. The roof is adorned with roof rails, ready for adding your favorite storage attachments or a roof tent. The Woodland Sienna also has a slightly higher stance when compared to the base van and is regrettably outfitted with 18-inch wheels. A 3500 pound hitch is outfitted to allow for towing a small overland trailer or caravan. 


Inside the Sienna is a road trip treasure-trove of features and accessories to make the long haul to the woods a comfortable and peaceful experience. The side doors are kick activated and the long-slide second row captains chairs provide flexibility to stow people and cargo efficiently. The third-row boats Toyota’s Split and Stow technology that allows for quickly changing cargo layouts on the fly. Rear passengers can stay entertained with the use of seven USB ports. The interior of the Sienna is wrapped in quality materials that one comes to expect from Toyota.


What good is all of that comfort and style if it can never see the dirt? Not only will the new Sienna get you to the dirt road efficiently at a combined 35 miles per gallon, the class-leading hybrid all-wheel drive system has instant electric traction available at all speeds at all four corners. Not only does the hybrid all wheel drive system provide a 100:0 torque distribution when driving off the line, it also can provide up to 20:80 distribution on mixed surfaces with the torque distribution shown on the infotainment unit. Once you get to that picturesque campsite, power your campsite with the 1500-watt power outlet. 


Pricing has yet to be announced, but considering the cheapest Sienna AWD hybrid starts at around $42,000, I would expect the Woodland Edition to be priced near $50,000. Although expensive, the front-wheel drive Honda Odyssey is around the same price. Clearly, if you are planning to explore the far reaches of the Namib desert, this is likely not the right vehicle for you and you don’t need to lash out at me on social media. But if you, like most of us, need a vehicle that can do a lot of things really well, the Sienna Woodland Edition might be for you. 

Photos by: Toyota

Overlanding Industry News by Zach Elseman. Follow Zach @okienomads.

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