Tires: Firestone Destination M/T2


The Firestone Destination M/T2 tire is the best-kept secret in overlanding. We say that because it seems not many overlanders have heard of the Destination M/T2s. And that’s a shame. They’re one of the highest-rated mud-terrain tires on the market today.

Unlike some tires on this list, the Destination M/T2s are relatively new, released just a couple of years ago. Maybe that’s why they’re not as prolific in the overlanding community as they should be — they’re too new to be tried and true. Nevertheless, they should be on your list for your next overlanding tire.

The Destination M/T2s feature mud and stone rejectors to keep your tread cleared out. Their advanced construction is designed  to help resist chips and tears to maximize the life of the tires.

We love them not just for their high-tech rubber compounds and tread design that allow them to perform admirably off-road in snow, mud, sand, and rocky environments. At the same time, they remain relatively quiet on the highway and fuel efficient.

Photo: Bridgestone

Photo: Bridgestone

Maybe our favorite feature of the Firestone Destination M/T2 is their old-school looking design. They don’t look like a product of the 21st century. Look at these tires. We defy you to tell us they don’t look like they were carved by hand from a solid block of rubber with a Bowie knife. And we mean that in the most complimentary way, by the way.

There’s definitely a charm to a tire that looks old-school and not necessarily designed by an algorithm (don’t worry, the Destination M/T2 was designed on a computer). With so much newfangled technology in the overlanding space, it’s nice to be able to add some classic-looking tire tech to you rig.

For the 4Runner build, we went for a set of five Destination M/T2 in 285/70/R17 — just shy of a 33-inch diameter. This size matches our two-inch lift nicely. Plus, 33s should give the rig the capability to roll over obstacles with ease without being so large to force a gear reduction. It’s that nice midpoint between modified and accessible.

MSRP: $266.90

Header image: Firestone

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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