Recovery Gear: 4×4 Recovery Kit by 7P

We chose to throw the 7P 4×4 Recovery Kit into the ultimate overland build because… well…. if it’s good enough for the Camel Trophy veterans, international adventurers, desert diehards, and jungle junkies that make up the 7P Overland crew, it’ll definitely get our 4Runner out of any trouble it can find.

Over many decades the 7P Overland team has used all sorts of recovery equipment from the heights of the Himalaya to the depths of the Sahara and even in their own backyard.

Some of it works well and most of it doesn’t. Some of it lets you down when you’re tired, hungry, and frustrated on a cold, rainy night when you couldn’t resist that “shortcut” home…

The 7P crew has assembled a recovery kit that incorporates their favorite and trusted components that will work whether you’re camping locally for the weekend or off on a round-the-world expedition. 

Unlike many other kits, everything in the 7P Recovery Kit is fit for purpose and correctly rated, using standards from the lifting industry (the 4×4 / off-road / overland industry is lacking in these standards). This means you can trust your gear to be safe and not to let you down when you need it most. 

This compact kit is ideal for most 4×4 and Overland vehicles which provides essential equipment for shorter overland trips and camping weekends. It’s the ideal kit to keep in your vehicle so it’s there ready when you need it. This kit is designed for all “standard-sized” 4×4 Overland vehicles with a GVWR of up to 9,000lbs (4080 kg).

The 7P Gear 4×4 Recovery Kit contains:

  • Medium Recovery Kit Bag

  • Recovery Ring (Standard 4×4)

  • Soft Shackle 5/8” 16mm 11,000lbs WLL

  • 8ft Endless Sling – 8,400lbs WLL

  • Van Beest Green Pin Bow Shackle × 2 4.75t WLL

  • Optional Winch Extension

More details on the individual products below.

Retail Price: from $295

Recovery Kit Medium Bag

This hardwearing bag is compact, handy and the ideal size for our 4×4 Recovery Kit. 

7P Gear Recovery Ring (Standard 4×4)

The 7P Recovery Ring System for 4×4 Vehicles. This set is appropriate for most standard sized overland 4×4 vehicles and trailer combinations. (for GCWR of up to 9000lbs).

MBS 36,000lbs / 160kN 

Soft Shackle

Our light-weight custom-made soft shackles are essential when you’re using our pulley. You’ll also find yourself using them more than the Bow Shackles as they are easier to use and work better with most of our synthetic material recovery kit components. 

MBS 30,000 lbs / 13,600kg

Bow Shackles x2

We prefer Van Beest Green Pin Shackles, the smoothest shackle you can buy. They are a high quality item, made from Grade 6 steel, quenched and tempered and have a hot dipped galvanized finish. They exceed US Federal Specification RR-C-271 Type IVA Class 2, EN 13889 and ASME B30.26. 

All our shackles are marked with Working Load Limit, manufacturer information, traceability codes and are CE marked so you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality item that won’t let you down. 

The 7P Gear 4×4 Kit Bow Shackles are a nominal 3/4” / 19mm size (the thickness of the bow), have a 7/8” / 22mm pin and a Working Load Limit of 4.75T with a 6:1 safety factor. 

MBS 62,800 lbs / 28,500kg

Endless Sling

A polyester endless sling with infinite uses. We love the flexibility of an endless sling – it’s a tree protector, a tow rope, a winch extension – we could go on… The 12 ft version we supply is long enough to do all these things safely. 

Rated Capacity 8,400 lbs / 3,800 kg vertical

Winch Extension Rope 

It seems that 90% of winching involves an anchor point that’s just out of reach. That’s easily solved with our optional 40ft (12.2m) winch extension. Made from 7/16” UHMPE it comes with a 6” soft eye with Cordura protection on one end and a hard thimble on the other for attachment flexibility. 

MBS 21,000lbs (9525kg)

Header image: 7P Overland

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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