WARN Snatches Up Winch Accessories Startup Factor 55

Warn Industries announced that it had officially acquired closed-system winching product brand, Factor 55.

WARN has long been a leader in the winch technology space, pushing the boundaries of winch capability, design, and tech. And while it is a relative startup in comparison with old-school WARN, Factor 55 was gaining traction and building a similarly impressive reputation in the space. It’s not uncommon to see a Factor 55 FlatLink at the end of a WARN winch line.

“Given their premium brand, experienced engineering design capabilities, and specialization in CLOSED SYSTEM WINCHING products, we feel strongly about the complementary nature of the Factor 55 product offering and realizing the benefits this partnership brings.” said Kyle Shiminski, vice president & general manager of Warn Industries, “We look forward to working closely with Michael and the entire Factor 55 team, and continuing their history of premium, innovative products for more secure winch and rigging operation.”

If I’m honest, this announcement was a surprising development at first blush. The longer I sat with it, though, the more it made sense. Rather than compete with Factor 55, WARN leadership clearly concluded it’d be easier to cut a check than go to battle. We’re likely all better for it.

Rather than tearing each other apart in an arms race (one that Factor 55 might well have lost in the long run, given its relative size), the two teams can combine creative forces and create even more innovative products. I, for one, cannot wait to see what they will come out with.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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