Socks are an often overlooked and under-appreciated part of any overland trip. It is hard to find a good pair of socks that split the difference between being comfortable and soft enough for the large amount of driving we do – and one that stands up to the activities that we do once we reach our destination. 

For driving, you want something that is soft and padded to reduce foot fatigue while you’re putting down miles to your favorite off-highway trail. 

For hiking or backpacking, you need a sock that’s comfortable, quick-drying, well-padded, and doesn’t hold odors. Let’s underscore the no odor part – no one likes stinky feet.

When you find a sock that meets all of those criteria, you snap them up and remain a loyal customer. With those overland-sock criteria established, let us introduce you to Wildly Good.

Wildly Good’s ethos is to provide products that support a wildly adventurous lifestyle and to share the profits to do good.

Every sale it makes helps support homeless veterans and The National Forest Foundation. They also pledge a percentage of every sale to 1% for the Planet, which goes to support environmental charities that plant trees, preserve the planet, and save wildlife.

So when the folks at Wildly Good sent the Overland Expo team some socks, we were keen to try them out. Here is what we thought about them as we applied them to our own adventures. 

Anthony Sicola, Director of Sales

At first blush, these just look like any old pair of socks. I stuffed them into my bag for a recent off-grid trip through Deschutes, Mt. Hood, and Gifford Pinchot National Forests.

Photo: Wildly Good

Photo: Wildly Good

 The next morning when I put them on, I was surprised by the softness and padding. They made a four-mile hike very comfortable. The merino wool means that your feet stay pretty dry because they wick away moisture from your feet. I ended up wearing them for all five days of the trip. I could have kept wearing them for days afterward. There was no odor and they stayed comfy the entire time. I’m totally ordering more!

Nick Jaynes, Director of Communications

The temperature varies wildly from moment to moment on a good number of my adventures. In the Pacific Northwest, you can run from 80-degree deserts up into 40-degree mountains in the span of an hour and down into 60-degree beaches an hour later.

It’s been tough for me to find socks that would keep my feet cool in the hotter climates and warm in the cooler — all within a single day. I’d pretty much given up on finding socks that could, as the cliche goes, “do it all.” So, when I popped on my pair of Wildly Good socks during my last overland journey, I wasn’t expecting much success.

I was delighted to find, though, that the incredibly comfy socks were able to take on the task. While wearing them, I didn’t find myself constantly toggling my truck’s climate control floor vents between air conditioning and heat.

The Wildly Good socks have definitely earned a permanent place in my overland journey gear.

Zach Elseman, Social Media Manager

From the minute that I opened the box from Wildly Good, I immediately recognized the high build quality of the socks. It was reminiscent of much more expensive socks.

Impatient for the chance to test the socks on a hiking trail or a bike ride, I wore them into the office, to the grocery store, and to the hardware store. I was blown away by how comfortable they were all day. At the end of the day, there was no odor and I experienced zero discomfort or blisters.

Photo: Wildly Good

Photo: Wildly Good

Best of all, Wildly Good is a 1% for the Planet partner. They currently pledge a percentage of every sale to help important environmental charities that plant trees, preserve our planet and save wildlife. I ordered a second and third pair within a week of using them — they are that good.

Eva Rupert, Motorcycle Community Ambassador

Let’s face it, whether you’re motorcycling, backpacking or road tripping, it’s just not practical to change into fresh socks everyday in the backcountry. Often, I ask my woolies to stand up to several days of wear before washing. So, when I got my hands on a pair of crew-cut Wildly Good socks, I put them to the test.

When I first pulled the socks on, I was impressed by how soft they were and how well they fit my feet. The extra-fine merino mixed with a little bit of polyester, nylon, and spandex hugged my tootsies perfectly with a cozy, form-fitting feel. The mid-calf height is perfect for hiking and working in and I was thrilled that they didn’t bunch up in my boots or bind up around my ankles.

Photo: Wildly Good

Photo: Wildly Good

After a couple of days of near-continuous wear, which included a sweaty desert hike and some rugged yard work, the Wildly Good socks did not disappoint. They are still virtually odor-free and just as soft as the day I first put them on. These socks will be a great companion on all of my overland trips in the future and, with the Wildly Good Guarantee, if they fail for any reason in the next year (which I don’t see happening) the company will replace them with fresh ones at no cost.

Rachael Elseman, Admin Support Specialist

Some people have shoes, some have jackets or hats. I have socks.

Every time I find a pair of wool socks on sale, I buy them. My drawer is full of them and I love them. I wear them almost everyday, even in the summer.

This also means I’m pretty familiar and particular with the socks I wear and I only want the best. They need to be comfortable, breathable, durable and look good.

I was very excited when Wildly Good sent us a pair to test and I was not disappointed. In fact, I loved their socks so much I ordered another pair!

*Use code OverlandExpo to receive 20% off your order

Header image credit: Wildly Good

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