Winnebago Goes Mini with the HIKE 100 Towable

Photo By: Winnebago

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, vehicles and trailers designed to get you out of the house and off the grid are in high demand right now. Most manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand, and those that can are looking at year-long plus wait times to get your product to you.

Winnebago just jumped into the small trailer market with their HIKE 100, a lightweight, ruggedized, gear hauler that can get you and your (small) family out into the backcountry to enjoy your favorite activities, and still have the comforts of hard-sided shelter. Best of all, the sub-3,000-pound (dry weight) and 7-foot width HIKE 100 can be towed behind most mid-sized SUVs.

Winnebago HIKE 100 Trailer in the forest.
The Winnebago HIKE 100. Photo by Winnebago

Smaller trailers often mean less headroom, but the full-height HIKE 100 has 6.5-feet of interior height to suit most adults. The HIKE 100 also boasts five different floor plans so you can choose the layout that works best for you.

HIKE 100 Exterior

Winnebago put a lot of thought into the exterior of the HIKE 100. The exoskeleton accepts Thule® accessories to hold kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, or any other sporting equipment you want to carry with you. The rear of the trailer features a 2-inch receiver – ideal for bike racks or other accessories. Awnings on three sides provide up to 200 square feet of outside living space, while drop-down panels create an exterior shower or changing room. The rear of the HIKE 100 also features plenty of storage space for camping necessities while the convenient outdoor kitchen keeps the inside of the trailer clean and less cluttered.

Carry ALL THE THINGS! Photo by Winnebago

HIKE 100 Interior

The HIKE 100 is a three to three-and-a-half-season trailer with 2-inch sidewalls and radiant-foil insulation in the roof to protect from heat and cold. 12-volt pad heaters protect the enclosed holding tanks (31-gallon fresh water, 25-gallon gray-water, and 4.75-gallon black-water) against freeze-up. The 190-watt solar panel is standard, along with prep for an additional portable panel.

The queen-size bed in the HIKE 100. Photo by Winnebago

Inside you’ll find sleeping room for two, though some floorplans have room for three. The wet/dry bath serves two purposes – one as a bathroom, and the other as a gear drying area. The small interior galley features a fridge, a microwave, and a small sink with storage. The bed in the above floorplan is queen-sized, however other floorplans have different sized beds. The interior is heated with an 18,000-BTU furnace and is cooled with an optional AC unit. The walls and floor are designed to be easily cleanable.

Interior of the HIKE 100. Photo by Winnebago

Take a brief tour of the Winnebago HIKE 100 Trailer in the video below.

Pricing isn’t available at this time, but it’s nice to see Winnebago come out with a lightweight tow behind. Is this something you would consider for your travels?

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