ARGO Introduces the Amphibious Sasquatch

Photo By: ARGO

If you’re going to name a product “Sasquatch,” it better be big, and ARGO’s new Sasquatch XTX amphibious creation doesn’t disappoint.

The massive 71-inch tires offer a clue as to the unstoppable nature of the ARGO Sasquatch XTX, an amphibious crawler that can also take to the water. Powered by a Doosan 1.8-liter turbo diesel 3-cylinder engine, the ARGO Sasquatch seats four intrepid explorers and essentially drives like a car, except it’s a car that can also swim. 

Photo by ARGO

The ARGO Sasquatch can also pirouette and do tank turns, and passengers can trample most anything in the Sasquatch’s path while enjoying a “fully integrated climate control” system, listening to music from the Bluetooth audio system and soaking in the view from the panoramic QX4 Crew Cab developed just for the Sasquatch. 

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ARGO has been building a wide range of ATV and amphibious craft with four to eight wheels for decades, and says the Sasquatch features a patented steer-by-wire system, torque sensing drivetrain, and the massive tires have been developed through “fluid simulation” and then “perfected through field testing.” Built-in inflation controls in each tire let drivers vary PSI for the terrain (or body of water) at hand. Bead locks keep the massive rubber hoops on the wheels in low-pressure running. A small rear bed can hold your hunting trophy, camping gear, or a generous cache of Keystone Light.

While certainly uncommon, the Sasquatch XTX is not unique. Unsurprisingly, a Russian-born creation, the SHERP ATV, which is now made in Ukraine, has a similar layout and capabilities. However, it uses tank-like levers for steering control, while the Sasquatch has a friendly steering wheel like your weird uncle’s old VW bug-out bus.

Photo by ARGO

Sadly, the Sasquatch XTX is not street-legal, as we’d love to commute in one just for the shock value. ARGO doesn’t list a price for the Sasquatch, but if you’re interested, they will happily email you some quotes depending on your accessorizing needs. They also offer the vehicle in an 8-passenger configuration called the Centaur XT, with the slogan “defy Earth’s stop signs,” which seems entirely appropriate.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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