Overland Expo EAST

Overland Expo EAST

Exclusive Overland Expo merchandise available at events throughout the year.

Get Your Exclusive Gear at Overland Expo

Each event will have exclusive graphics that are only available at that location, but of course we’ll also have branded items available across all four events throughout 2024.

Best Gear of Overland Expo East 2023

Overland Expo East once again brought some of the coolest and newest gear to our community. We searched the aisles to find the gear that can increase your capability and comfort in the backcountry.

Best Rigs of Overland Expo East 2023

No matter where you looked at Overland Expo East 2023, you were bound to find awesome rigs. From the exhibitor aisles to the campground and in the day parking area, overland rigs of every shape, size, and model were there to be inspected.

Instructor Spotlight: Lory Perfect

Lory Perfect teaches some of Overland Expo West’s most popular classes, so we are thrilled to have her join us in Virginia to share her expertise on all things Baja with our East Coast overlanders.  

A Newcomer’s Guide to Overland Expo – East Edition 2023

With hundreds of vendors, over 100 presenters, trainers, and VIPs, and more than 500 session hours of education. With so much to choose from, this can be both exhilarating and a bit overwhelming for the first-time attendee to an Overland Expo. With that in mind, here’s a brief introduction to what we have going on, along with some tips to get you going.

Eat, Drink, and Party at Overland Expo East

Dine, drink, and party your way through Overland Expo Mountain West. The Oasis Bar and Food Court is the hub for cold drinks, food trucks, and plenty of parties.

Must See Educational Opportunities at Overland Expo East

At Overland Expo East 2023, you’ll find plenty of rigs to check out, tons of great gear to outfit your adventures, and, let’s not forget, hours upon hours of educational sessions covering every aspect of overland travel.

Instructor Spotlight: The Brandaus & the Gotwals

It’s a story made in Overland Expo Heaven: two couples meet at Overland Expo East 2022, decide to travel to Alaska together, actually do it, and return to Overland Expo East 2023 to share the tales of their adventures!  

Show Specials at Overland Expo EAST 2023

Exhibitors will be showing off all of the latest and greatest gear across the overlanding gamut, and many of them will be offering exclusive discounts that you can only get at Overland Expo.

Toyota Tacoma in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Overland Expo and Fall Weather Will Soon Be Back in Virginia

In one month, Overland Expo will return to Oak Ridge Estate in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. It’s the final Overland Expo of the year, and it’s held in a great spot for exploring some of the best overlanding opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic.

Nexen Tire Ride and Drive at Overland Expo East

Are you ready to put Nexen Tire’s premium all-terrain and off-road tires to the test? Fans of Nexen will get the chance to get behind the wheel or ride shotgun in one of four exclusive off-road adventure vehicles featuring Nexen tires at Overland Expo East.

Learn to Ride at Overland Expo

Learn to ride in under an hour at the Ride With Us Moto Intro program at Overland Expo. The Motorcycle Industry Council’s free class includes all the necessary gear.

The Best Way to Attend an Overland Expo

Overland Expo’s educational programming is second to none. Each event features hundreds of session hours of classes that teach everything from vehicle recovery to camp cooking, from advanced navigation to border crossing basics, and from how-to-DIY-build-your-dream-rig to classes on drone videography.

Best Rigs of Overland Expo East 2022

From the huge to the relatively compact, and from brand-new rigs to those that debuted in the middle of the last century, you’re guranteed to see some amazing vehicles at every Overland Expo event.

Best Gear of Overland Expo East 2022

Every Overland Expo presents an opportunity to check out tons of gear from our great exhibitors. However, Overland Expo East 2022 was especially filled with new items and new vendors.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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