Community Spotlight: JD Osborn’s 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ75

Photo By: JD Osborn

Here at Overland Expo, we’re fortunate to get to see some amazing rigs, both new and old, and nothing makes us happier than meeting an overlander that has genuinely made their vehicle their own.

JD Osborn's Land Cruiser in Alaska
Image by JD Osborn

JD Osborn definitely falls into that category with his 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ75. Four years ago, he was looking for a vehicle that could provide a good bed, a nice kitchen, and a hot shower. This Cruiser checked all those the boxes, and it became his 30th birthday present to himself. As soon as he purchased it in Australia, he spent a year exploring that continent. From there, he headed to the Pan American, then onto Alaska, and many places in between.

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The Cruiser is described as a Swiss Army Knife, and it packs an incredible amount of features into a streamlined package. From the exterior, you’d never know that it hides a well-stocked kitchen, a spacious sleeping area, and onboard water. Check out the video below to see the rest of JD’s ingenious upgrades and the small details that he’s figured out during his time on the road.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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