DMOS Introduces the Compact Delta Shovel and Mount

Photo By: DMOS Pro Shovel Tools

DMOS Pro Shovel Tools recently released a new, compact shovel to rival the standard military-issue E-tool.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of using an E-Tool, you’ll know that they’re good for one thing – digging a cat-hole. Never mind trying to unstick a vehicle or digging out a washout while you’re on the trail. The Delta Compact Shovel has a comparable blade size to a traditional E-tool, but it was created to be both stronger and taller.

The DMOS Compact Delta Shovel

DMOS Compact Delta Shovel product image.
DMOS Pro Shovel Tools Compact Delta Shovel. Photo by DMOS

DMOS Compact Delta Specs

The Compact Delta has an overall height of 33-inches when the telescoping handle is fully extended, but it can be used at a 24-inch handle height as well. The shovel blade is created with 14-gauge cold-rolled carbon steel with 12-gauge cold-rolled carbon steel brackets. The connectors and handle are milled and extruded from 6061 aluminum billet. The Compact Delta is rated at over 400-pounds of force with a 4-to-1 fulcrum.

DMOS Compact Delta Shovel Mounted to a vehicle roof rack.
DMOS Compact Delta is perfect for tight fitment areas like roof racks. Photo by DMOS.

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DMOS Compact Delta Mount

The smaller size of the Compact Delta makes it a perfect fit for vehicles like side-by-sides, motorcycles, and vehicles with tight fitment areas with the Compact Mount (sold separately.) The Compact Mount fits not only the DMOS Shovels, but also any shovel you own with a diameter of one– to two–inches. The entire mount is 7-inches by 5-inches and includes a channel for any Master Lock to add some security. The Compact Delta Mount has rubberized edges, so your shovel doesn’t rattle around on the road or on the trail.

DMOS Compact Delta Mount fits any shovel with a one- to two-inch diameter handle.
DMOS Compact Delta Mount. Photo by DMOS

DMOS Compact Delta Shovel and Mount Pricing

The DMOS Compact Delta is available in Racing Red, Signal Orange, and Agate Gray Powder Coat and retails for $169.00. The Compact Delta Mount is available in Satin Black Powder Coat and retails for $89.00.

Learn more at DMOS Pro Shovel Tools.

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