Eat & Drink Your Way Around Overland Expo Pacific Northwest

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When you get hungry at Overland Expo, head over to the Highway Products Oasis Bar and Food Court. In the midst of all your favorite exhibitors, the food trucks have everything from snacks to full meals and you’ll find something tasty to suit your palate for sure.

Rider Justice Moto Party at Overland Expo

Snacks and Coffee

Whether you’re looking for a fresh juice, sweet treat, or an espresso, these trucks will settle your snack fix in no time flat:

  • Dippin’ Dots and Slush Puppy: fun ice cream flavors perfect for summer snacking
  • Sweet Escapes: paninis, espresso, plus bubble waffles and churros with all the toppings
  • Mountain Coffee: espresso drinks and huckleberry smoothies to keep you charged up
  • Just Cut Juice: gourmet juice cart with fresh and healthy options

Something For Everyone, Plus Snacks and Drinks!

From Philly cheese steaks to spicy wings, the Highway Products Oasis Bar and Food Court has something for everyone. Here’s a sample from some of the Pacific Northwest food trucks’ menus to get your mouth watering:

  • The Gobbler: turkey sandwiches, turkey tacos, and other turkey treats 
  • High Altitude Dogs: gourmet hot dogs with tasty toppings
  • N.W. Hot Wings: chicken wings, teriyaki wings, and cauliflower wings for the veggie-inclined
  • Breanu’s Philly: classic Philly steak sandwiches
  • El Nava Tacos: a local favorite with street tacos, burritos, tortas, and more

Craft Beer at Great Drinks!

The Oasis is your hub for cold drinks throughout the weekend. Whether you’re a craft beer lover, cocktail connoisseur, or if you prefer your beverages alcohol-free, there’s sure to be something tasty for you to sip on. What’s more, all of the drinks come in cans and we’ll have plenty of recycling stations, so you can drink green at Overland Expo.

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Happy Hour and Exhibitor Parties!

The Highway Products Oasis Bar and Food Court features happy hour every day to quench your thirst after a day at Overland Expo. Meet your friends, listen to live music from some great bands, and share stories about the day’s happenings. You’ll have a chance to connect with some of our event partners and get the inside scoop on all the overlanding gear!

If you’re a motorcyclist, the Rider Justice Moto Party is not to be missed. Your ticket includes a catered dinner, drinks, live music by the E&O Medicine Show, and awesome moto raffle prizes. The Rider Justice Moto Party sells out at every event, so don’t forget to get your add-on ticket to take part in the fun.

Just in case you needed another reason to camp at Overland Expo for the weekend, the evening exhibitor parties are not to be missed! Toyota will host “Under The Great Wide Open,” a Q&A with Toyota Engineers featuring s’mores, cocoa, and hot cider around the campfire. On Saturday, Honda will have drinks and a cookout-inspired meal for you. Also on Saturday, Equipt and AT Overland will be teaming up, tapping a keg, and passing out cold ones. However you choose to spend your evenings at Overland Expo, the parties are a great way to engage with the community and have a blast with friends.

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