German Company ICC Offroad Debuts FlexCamp, a True All-Season Trailer

Photo By: ICC Offroad

German manufacturer of expedition vehicle boxes, transforming trailers, and all-around expedition vehicle builds, ICC Offroad, recently announced a true all-season luxury trailer to rival some of the best on the market. While you can’t buy the ICC Offroad FlexCamp in the US at this time, the renderings do give you an idea of the type of innovation that is coming to the overland trailer market in the near future.

ICC Offroad FlexCamp

The FlexCamp is in its design and prototyping phase at the moment, but a completed production version is slated to hit the market in 2022. Check out the quick video below showing some rendered details of the FlexCamp:

As you can see in the video, the FlexCamp lifts to provide headroom and expands outward on a slide to create more interior space, two things that are lacking in most compact trailer builds.

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Rendering of the ICC Offroad FlexCamp Trailer in the wilderness near a mountain and lake.
Rendering of the FlexCamp deployed near a mountain lake. Photo by ICC Offroad

FlexCamp Interior

The interior of the FlexCamp features a double bed located in the slider with loads of storage drawers built in underneath. One key design feature is that the storage drawers are accessible from both inside and outside the trailer. A table and seating pull out from underneath the bed for eating and working. Storage is also accessible through a hatch at the head of the bed.

The bathroom includes a shower and a dry composting toilet because hygiene is a good thing in the wilderness.

The kitchen features a sink and stove that can be removed and attached outside of the trailer for outdoor culinary creations. The Dometic fridge freezer is accessible from inside and outside as well. The FlexCamp features LED lighting throughout the interior. The standard Truma Combi Heater is critical for cold weather camping. You can optionally add solar panels for worry-free off-grid living and an air conditioning unit for the summer months.

Top view of the layout of the ICC Offroad FlexCamp Trailer.
Top view of ICC Offroad FlexCamp with legend. | Image by ICC Offroad

FlexCamp Exterior

Night falling on the ICC Offroad Flex Camp in the forest near a campfire.
FlexCamp provides an all-weather shelter in the wilderness. Photo by ICC Offroad

The ICC Offroad FlexCamp features large panoramic windows by the bed and over the kitchen for sweeping views of your surroundings. The storage drawers and refrigerator are accessible from the exterior of the trailer, so you don’t need to keep going inside for snacks or a cold beverage. The hatch and swing-style doorway provides shelter from elements. Scissor stairs are deployable to aid in access to the trailer interior.

FlexCamp Details

  • Permissible total weight: 1800 kg (3968-lbs.)
  • Additional load (cargo load): approx. 350 kg (771-lbs.)
  • L x W x H total closed: 4450 mm x 2040 mm x 2000 mm (175-inches x 80-inches x 78-inches)
  • L x W x H total open: 4450 mm x 3340 mm x 3040 mm (175-inches x 131-inches x 119-inches)
  • Ground clearance off-road: 336 mm (13.2-inches) near the wheels 400 mm (15.7-inches) in the middle
  • Freshwater tank/wastewater tank: 75 L/75 L
  • Shower inside L x W: 720 mm x 680 mm (28.4-inches x 26.8-inches)
  • Sink can be used inside and outside: Dometic CE02 B325 approx. 4 L
  • Hot water boiler: Truma Combi 4E 10 L
  • 2 x water connection outside (shower in front and sink in the back): cold and warm
  • Gas cooker for indoor and outdoor use: Dometic HBG 2335, two-flame hob Gas bottle: 2 x 6 kg aluminum bottle
  • Gas connection outside rear
  • Heating: Truma Combi 4 E for gas and/or electric operation
  • Outdoor lighting 360°
  • Power connection outside: 230V, 12V, & USB
  • Battery capacity: 160 Ah lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4)
  • Air conditioning is optional: Truma Saphir Compact
  • Fridge + freezer accessible from inside and outside: Dometic Coolmatic CRD 50, compressor, fridge 46 L / freezer 4 L
  • Optional solar system
  • LED interior lighting
Rendering of FlexCamp trailer in the forest.
FlexCamp in offroad mode. | Image by ICC Offroad

To learn more about the ICC Offroad FlexCamp Trailer, please visit their website.

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