Jeep Is Apparently Selling An Electric Scooter. And, Yes, It’s Trail Rated.

Photo By: Jeep

If you can’t get enough of the Jeep brand, the iconic American 4×4 brand has some more things it’d like to sell you.

Jeep and famed scooter brand Razor recently teamed up and have revealed an electric scooter called the RX200.

Photo by Jeep

Photo by Jeep

Powered by two 12-volt sealed lead-acid batteries, RX200 is capable of 40 minutes of continuous use. Riders can expect up to eight miles of range per charge from the chain-driven runabout with speeds up to 12 miles per hour.

As one might expect, acceleration controls come in the form of a twist throttle in the handle bars. Braking is handled by a rear-wheel disc brake.

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Here’s where the unexpected bits come into play. The Jeep RX200 is fitted with off-road tires wrapped around heavy-duty alloy wheels, ornate full deck grip tape with topographic design, and a steel chassis. And it’s said to “withstand tough terrain.” Without suspension, though, I suspect the ride will be rather harsh, as the RX200’s steel chassis likely doesn’t give much.

How this RX200 earns the brand’s lauded ‘Trail Rated’ badge but the Wagoneer does not is beyond me.

Photo by Jeep

Photo by Jeep

Pricing on is $399.99 or you can bop over to and pay $499.99 — your choice. No matter what price you pay, you can have the RX200 in any color you desire, so long as it’s olive green.

Would this Jeep scooter be any good for overlanding? That all depends on your patience, I guess. Though, I’d love to see someone attempt an iconic trail with it, even something as simple as the White Rim Road.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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