Mosko Moto’s ADV Weekend Videos Pack Big Adventure Into a Short Time

Photo By: Mosko Moto

Why wait for an adventure when you can hit the road right now? Mosko Media just rolled out the inaugural installment of a new video series called ADV Weekend with that in mind. The concept behind this project is that you don’t have to wait until you’re retired to have epic moto travels. Think of them as One Tank Adventures that you can activate anytime.

Mosko wants to show the world that time, money, equipment, and experience aren’t valid excuses to stay on the sidelines. They ask the question, “What can you do within the confines of one weekend?” and the two-wheeled camera crew hits the trail to show us that it’s possible to have the trip of a lifetime in just seventy-two hours.

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In the first episode, the Mosko team travels to Arizona, where they meet up with the crew from Moto Discovery for logistical support and rental bikes. The team tackles some of the best tracks Arizona has to offer, including sections of the Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route and several other popular dual-sport routes.

Mosko is cramming unforgettable adventures into weekend-sized packages and thumbing their gloved noses at the convention that time is only a limiting factor if you let it be. These whirlwind weekend tracks are for those looking to experience adventure riding at its fullest without shucking real-world responsibilities. 

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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