Get to Know the Overland Expo Training Team

Photo By: Tobin Vigil

The Overland Expo Training team is comprised of experts with a wide range of overland and off-road knowledge. Our resident vehicle maintenance and repair guru, Nick Cimmarusti, grew near the Rubicon Trail and grew camping and off-roading. He’s owned an off-road-focused outfitter and fabrication shop for 15 years and has been a professional trail guide for the last ten years. He brings a unique skill set to the Overland Expo Training experience. We wanted to chat with Nick about his background and his thoughts about the all-new Overland Expo Training program. 

Overland Expo Trainer Nick in the field.

Overland Expo: Why do you think it’s important for people to receive proper training before heading out on overland adventures? 

Nick Cimmarusti: Training is the short cut or “cheat code” to skipping all the mistakes made by those who came before you.

Overland Expo: That’s a great way to look at it. From your perspective, what is the value of the Overland Expo Training? 

Nick Cimmarusti: The experience provided by Overland Expo is unique due to the range of instructors brought together from all over the world to share their individual knowledge base. It is rare to have the level of knowledge available in one location at any given time.

Overland Expo Training
Photo by John Allen

Overland Expo: We agree! What do you think attendees need to do in order to prepare for Overland Expo Training?

Nick Cimmarusti: Come with an open mind and have those important questions written down so we are sure to cover them.

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Overland Expo: What can Overland Expo Training attendees expect to learn on the driving course?

Nick Cimmarusti: Fundamental driving skills that are scalable to the types of terrain found on overlanding adventures.

Overland Expo: And what can they expect to learn in the static classroom sessions? 

Nick Cimmarusti: Many skills that could range from making you more comfortable to saving your life.

Overland Expo Trainer Nick in the field.

Overland Expo: What is your favorite component of Overland Expo Training, and why?

Nick Cimmarusti: The dedication of the training team to provide quality, informative, and interesting training to the participants.

Overland Expo: Once an attendee gets trained, where do you recommend that they take their skills? 

Nick Cimmarusti: The western US is full of adventure. Whether overlanding is your primary goal or your means of access to an adjacent activity, this training helps to provide confidence to take your adventures anywhere you want to go while helping you gain awareness of your level of capabilities.

Overland Expo Trainer Nick in the field.

Overland Expo: Thanks for chatting with us Nick! We’ll see you at Overland Expo PNW soon!

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