Osprey Packs Aether AG 60L Backpack

This tech-y Osprey backpack is perfect for the day hike or multi-day trek offering a custom-fit pack with good support, ultimate packability, and easy access to pockets.

Gear Chronicles: One Man’s Quest for Fire

The Original Fire Reflector by MC Ranch Overland concentrates heat and light back onto the user. It also helps conserve resources as wind is blocked and doesn’t burn the wood faster. Above all, it fosters a sense of community by creating a space that people want to be around, where they talk, share stories, and create memories.

Beat Beaver Fever with LifeStraw Go Stainless Steel Water Bottle

One of the drawbacks of overland travel is not having enough water to sustain long periods away from civilization. The spectre of water-borne illness is very real, especially in the mountains where giardia and cryptosporidia have a high-likelihood of occurring in natural streams, rivers, and lakes.

Improving the Campfire for the Modern Caveman

Let’s be honest here. There hasn’t been much innovation in campfires since our Homo erectus fire discovery days. 400,000 years is a long time to be stuck with an inefficient campfire. MC Ranch Overland sought to change that with their Original Fire Reflector.

This New Zippo Multi-tool is FIRE!

This multitool has everything you need to reliably start your fire in the backcountry or in your own backyard and is a must for your kit.

General Tire’s Grabber X3s Are Like an Overland Cheat Code

General Tire’s Grabber X3 are some of the most popular new tires in the overland community. But do they stand up to the hype? We installed installed some on a Jeep Gladiator for a few months and hit the trail to find out.

Gear Essentials: Storage, Racks & Trailers

Storage solutions — from racks to trailers and everything in between — are as essential to overlanding as the vehicles themselves. After all, our gear makes our journeys possible. With that in mind, Overland Expo compiled its favorite overland gear storage solutions.

Bring Out Your Inner Gourmet with a Dometic Fridge

When it comes to overlanding fridges, there are tons options from a multitude of brands. Few, however, are as well known and highly regarded as Dometic. Its latest model, the CFX3 35, is a standout. So, we decided to take it on an adventure to see if it is as great trail as it is on paper.

Liberate the Roof. Mount Your Tent on the Trailer Hitch.

Rooftop tents are awesome. They provide an easy-to-use and comfortable sleeping platform for virtually any overland rig. They have one potential downside, however: accessibility. Being high off the ground means that not everyone (or every creature) can easily access them. Rubicon Expedition Products’ Hitch Tent System aims to eliminate that downside forever.

Gear Essentials: Tents & Awnings

Few pieces of overlanding kit are essential as tents and awnings. Although both have been around virtually as long as overlanding itself, there have been lots of entrants with big breakthroughs in both segments. This makes tough to know which is best. These are Overland Expo’s favorite tents and awnings.

Gear Essentials: Fridges, Coolers & Camp Kitchens

Having a well sorted, well stocked overlanding kitchen can make or break an adventure. Arguably, quality food preservation and preparation is the building block of any overland rig. These are our favorite fridges, coolers, and camp kitchens for overlanding.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

From stocking stuffers to life-changing trips, the staff at Overland Expo have put together our picks for the 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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