This Ford Bronco-Van Mashup Is a Concept We Can Get Behind

Photo By: Samir’s Customs

Designer Samir Sadikhov is at it again – like a mad scientist in his virtual lab, his specialty is Frankenstein-ing popular offroad rigs with adventure vans and bringing you the outcome.

We first noticed Samir’s work back in January of 2021 when he unleashed his renderings of what would happen if a Jeep and a Sprinter had a baby. That concept, the Jeep Van-gler took the best parts of Jeep Wrangler and Adventure Van and mashed them into a single package.

BroncoVan Concept

Rendering of a cross between a Ford Bronco and a van called the BroncoVan.
Rendering of the Ford BroncoVan. Photo by Samir’s Customs

The BroncoVan looks to be a slightly stretched, forward control Ford Bronco that doesn’t look like it gives up any of it’s legendary offroad handling. The nice addition to an already great Ford Bronco is seating for six (or more) of your closest friends. I can imagine our team getting their hands on one of these and building the Ultimate Overland Van with a bed, galley kitchen, a pop-up roof for headroom at camp, and every off-grid feature you could think of to make this a vehicle you could live and work out of no matter where you were.

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While you purists out there are probably scratching your head wondering how the driver gets in and out of the vehicle or exactly where the engine went, I just want to point out that this is a rendering, and not a production vehicle. Concepts are about suspending your disbelief and letting your imagination take over.

Retro BroncoVan Concept

Rendering of a retro-styled BroncoVan with orange, red, and brown striping.
Retro Vibes on the BroncoVan. Rendering by Samir’s Customs

The second concept, and the admittedly more “overland-y” version of the BroncoVan (I mean, just look at all of those storage cases on the roof rack) is a retro-styled offroader with graphics inspired by country singer Jake Owen’s Ford Bronco. It sports a gas can on the side, front bumper with recovery points, light bar, rock sliders, a rear ladder to access the roof, and rear tire carrier. I could see this concept in use for deep backcountry exploration.

Vanlife BroncoVan Concept

Rendering of the BroncoVan pulling a Bronco trailer.
Rendering by Samir’s Customs

One last concept, and one that I think a lot of Compass-readers would like is the Vanlife BroncoVan. It has all of the features of the previous concepts, but this one pulls a smaller BroncoTrailer tow-behind. I imagine the trailer would morph into a full backcountry camper so you can drop your base camp and get out and explore more of the area without the added weight.

Whether you love these concepts or you want to gather the townsfolk with their pitchforks and torches and drive these renderings out of your sight, you do have to admit that Samir has an incredible imagination and we can’t wait to see more from him. To see more of his work, head on over to his Instagram account.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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