Overland Expo Launches ‘Overland News’ YouTube Series

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In 2020, Overland Expo launched The Compass editorial hub. For the last three years, Overland Expo staffers and overland-industry experts have reported on the latest news and shared thoughts, opinions, and reviews of the latest overland gear on a daily basis. The Compass has attracted hundreds of thousands of new readers to the Overland Expo website, making The Compass a leading source for overland knowledge and information on the web.

Now Overland Expo has extended The Compass coverage to a bi-weekly YouTube series called ‘Overland News.’ Hosted by Overland Expo personalities Nick Jaynes and Rick Stowe, From news to trending topics to gear reviews, Overland News will cover some of the most compelling subjects in the overland industry in 15 minutes or less.

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“Curating The Compass content for the last three years has been a real honor. And it’s been incredibly fulfilling to give overlanders year-round access to the kind of information and education that made Overland Expo so popular and successful,” said Rick Stowe, Overland Expo’s Associate Editor. “The Overland News show allows us to continue that storytelling but at the same time blend it with Nick’s and my personalities, opinions, and points of view. I think it’ll be a fun show for overlanders of all skill levels to watch.”

The first episode, which covers Potential Motors’ pre-order, Mercedes’ Mondo G concept, Ricks’ roundup of the Best Overland Trailers, and Nick’s review of MAXTRAX MK II, is live now. New episodes go live every other Tuesday on Overland Expo’s YouTube channel.

We encourage fans to like and comment on the episodes and subscribe to the channel, so they don’t miss any of the high-quality Overland Expo video content that goes live each week.

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