Trips & Trails

Trips & Trails

Trips & Trails: Schnebly Hill Road

If you love the Flagstaff / Sedona area as much as we do you inevitably know of Schnebly Hill Road, a phenomenal dirt trail that has arguably the best view of Sedona one can get. If massive red rock buttes and ponderosa pine forests get you pumped, this is the trail for you.

Trips & Trails: Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route

Running from Jarbridge, Nevada, just below the Idaho border, up to the Canadian border, the IBDR is 1,233 miles long and broken into eight sections. This is likely more than you can accomplish in a weeklong overland trip. That is, if you want to take your time and enjoy the region’s hikes, scenic views, hot springs, and quaint towns.

Trips &Trails: Bodie Ghost Town

If you haven’t explored U.S. Route 395 through California, you have no idea what you’re missing. I can honestly say that from Socal to Norcal it is an adventurer’s paradise with trails, experiences, lakes, camping, and hiking to appease anyone’s wanderlust.

Trips & Trails: Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route

Iconic is an understatement when you set out on an adventure that covers three different deserts, the Colorado Plateau, Grand Canyon and Navajo Nation. Spanning nearly 750 miles of diverse western terrain, the Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route makes for an epic off-road experience for motorcycles and 4WD vehicles alike.

Trips &Trails: Titus Canyon, Death Valley National Park

Titus Canyon is the most popular backcountry road in Death Valley National Park – and for good reason, on the Titus Canyon Trail, you’re treated to colorful rock formations, rare plants, rugged mountains, Bighorn Sheep, narrow canyons, ancient petroglyphs, and Rhyolite ghost town!

One-Tank Adventures: Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona

One Tank Adventures are all about leaning into your locale and doing something brief but amazing: fill up once, do something awesome, get home before the gas light comes on. I set my sights on the Chiricahua Mountains in Southern Arizona for my latest OTA and the area is incredible for riding, hiking, and exploring.

Trips & Trails: Dalton Highway, Alaska

Originally blazed in 1974 to support the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline, the 414-mile-long Dalton Highway runs between Livengood and Deadhorse on the Prudhoe Bay. There are only three small towns along the highway, which should demonstrate just how remote it is. The world’s northernmost truck stop at Coldfoot is your last stop for fuel and, well, anything else for 240 miles.

Trips & Trails: Green Country Oklahoma Adventure Tour G.O.A.T.

The Green Country Oklahoma Adventure Tour (GOAT) is a 458-mile backcountry adventure route through the rolling foothills of Northeast Oklahoma. Experience fast gravel roads, twisty asphalt, and plenty of water crossings to keep you cool in the sweltering Oklahoma heat.

Trips & Trails: Colorado Alpine Loop

Colorado’s scenic Alpine Loop, in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, is a great starter overland trip. It is just five hours southwest of Denver, moderately difficulty. and is supported by a trio of mountain towns.

Trips & Trails: Whipsaw Trail, British Columbia

Just four-and-a-half hours north of Seattle, outside the town of Princeton, British Columbia lies one of North America’s off-road treasures: Whipsaw Trail. This 68-mile track can be traveled in two days. And because of its moderate difficulty and plenty of camping spots, it’s a great trip for overlanding families.

Trips & Trails: White Rim Road

In the heart of Utah’s Canyonlands National Park is the 100-mile White Rim Road. No fires, hammocks, or pets are allowed along the road. But despite those limitations, White Rim Road offers some of the most scenic views in the southwestern US.

Trips & Trails: Mojave Road

The Mojave Road is a trail ideal for overlanders looking to cut their teeth on a long but moderately difficult trail. Due to extreme temperatures in the region, Springtime is the ideal time to plan this trip.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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