Industry Spotlight

Industry Spotlight

Industry Spotlight: Midland USA GXT67 

Midland USA’s new GXT67 PRO offers a full 5 watts of power for maximum two-way radio range and clarity. The new handheld also integrates a repeater, further extending handheld range.

Industry Spotlight: Imtra

From sourcing and manufacturing high-quality products to offering unmatched customer service, Imtra’s goal is to pair customers with products that are the perfect fit for a specific application.

Industry Spotlight: Kakadu Outback Shower

Kakadu offers a fast, easy to use, and most importantly, hot shower for your overland adventures. Come to Overland Expo West and PNW this year to try them out firsthand.

Winnebago Revel camper van updates for 2024.

Industry Spotlight: Winnebago Revel

Winnebago launched the first Revel® in 2018. And backcountry adventurers fell in love. Never ones to settle, Winnebago keeps pushing the boundaries of off-grid, off-road travel and the new Revel has emerged.

Industry Spotlight: OM System

Born from the rich legacy of Olympus Corporation, the OM SYSTEM brand has an impressive lineage that spans 85 years, encompassing a wealth of products, technologies, and a brand heritage that speaks to its commitment to imaging excellence.

Industry Spotlight: The Bush Company

The Bush Company, and in particular the AX27™ rooftop tent, is the culmination of years of manufacturing experience, combined with a desire to create quality and reliable products for the offroad industry.

Industry Spotlight: Duration Health

When a medical emergency happens in a remote area, having the right medications on hand can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Industry Spotlight: Hipcamp

Hipcamp has transformed the overland camping landscape by opening more than 5 million acres of beautiful private land to create new places for people to camp while also making public lands more accessible by bringing together campground information across state and national parks, national forests, BLM, county parks, and more.  

Industry Spotlight: Method Race Wheels

In 2010, Method Race Wheels was founded by off-road enthusiasts, and the brand emerged with a bold vision: to transform the lessons learned from grueling off-road racing into wheels that would redefine both performance and adventure.

Industry Spotlight: 4×4 Colorado

Once upon a time, in the rugged wilderness of Colorado, two adventurous souls named Blaine Tatalovich and Josh Frakes embarked on a journey that would forever change the way outdoor enthusiasts experienced camping.

Industry Spotlight: Zero Breeze

In the world of outdoor adventures, where the line between comfort and the rugged wilderness is often blurred, ZERO BREEZE stands out as a brand that humanizes the essence of overlanding by bringing moments of respite and relief.

Industry Spotlight: Polaris

Polaris Off-Road Vehicles creates machines that can take you where others can’t – from deep in the backcountry to catching thrills riding trails in forests or dunes and everywhere in between.

Industry Spotlight: Norweld USA

At Norweld, adventure is in their blood. Everyone from the owners and sales team to those building the flatbeds and canopies have grown up camping and fishing across this vast wonderland.

Industry Spotlight: Lance Campers

That has been the No. 1 goal of Lance Camper since they opened their first 500-square-foot shop in 1965: to build premium recreational vehicles specifically for those who are going to go out and really use them.

Industry Spotlight: 23Zero

The mission for 23Zero is to adapt a sensible use of new technology and combine it with solid manufacturing principles to make products that offer the best bang for your buck.

Industry Spotlight: Denali Electronics

In 2012, DENALI Electronics was founded and released its first LED light kit that provided a ‘complete lighting solution’ for adventure bikes, including lights, a vehicle-specific mount, a wiring harness, and a control unit to modulate the driving lights with the high and low beam of the motorcycle.

Industry Spotlight: Geyser Systems

When you’re out in the backcountry, the first thing to run out is water. Whether you’re drinking it, using it to get clean, or doing your dishes, making sure you have enough is a huge deal when you’re overlanding.

Industry Spotlight: Exploration Vans

Sitting at the base of some of the mountains that have helped shape athletes such as Richie Rude and Bode Miller, Exploration Vans is positioned unassumingly between a Gymnastics Camp and Karate Studio.

Industry Spotlight: Truck Brigade

Ryan Horton and TJ Watson, founders of Truck Brigade, came together with the shared vision of revolutionizing the overland parts and accessory market. In 2017, that vision became a reality, as Truck Brigade was founded and is today considered the industry-leading one-stop shop for overland and offroad parts and accessories.

Industry Spotlight: Kovea & Nomadica Outfitters

It was the pursuit of products that were compact and well made that led Josh and Ramin to form Nomadica Outfitters. It also lead them to importing and distributing Kovea products in the USA.

Industry Spotlight: Motorcycle Offsetters

Andreas Gneist, the founder of Motorcycle Offsetters, used to work in the financial City of London, UK, spending all of his limited free time to ride and travel in North Africa, Europe, Australia, and the U.S. Fed up with the predictability of corporate life, he quit – and moved to British Columbia, Canada in 2018.

Industry Spotlight: EcoFlow

The birth of EcoFlow came only half a decade ago when a team of young engineers brought together their knowledge of battery power, passion for tech innovation, and renewable energy to create the original RIVER 412.

Industry Spotlight: INEOS Grenadier

A pub, a beer, and a plan. Sir Jim Ratcliffe had an idea and a thirst. He went to The Grenadier, a London pub, and met with four equally thirsty friends. But the thirst wasn’t just for the pub’s liquid fare. Sir Ratcliffe had a thirst for a rugged, no-nonsense, utilitarian 4X4.

Industry Spotlight: Potential Motors

Potential Motors began from a desire to transform the driving experience. On this journey, Potential’s Chief Scientist, an avid overlander in his Winnebago, started to get fed up with the limitations of where he could go. Time after time, he would come to trails where his vehicle was simply too wide to enter. He would look up the mountain and see the peak, but it was completely inaccessible to him and anyone else with a van, truck, or SUV.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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