The Compass: 2023 Year in Review

Photo By: John Allen

As 2023 comes to a close, we wanted to review some of our favorite Compass posts from the last year. We’ve seen the debut of some awesome rigs, new gear that expands our backcountry capability, and plenty of stories from inspiring members of the overlanding community. It’s been a great year at Overland Expo events, and before we turn our attention to 2024, here are some of our favorite posts from this year. 

All-New Toyota Tacoma Debuts at Overland Expo West

Photo by Nick Jaynes

Way back at Overland Expo West in May, we got the first public debut of the Trailhunter Tacoma alongside the PreRunner Tacoma. Both of these trucks received plenty of attention over the weekend, and this kicked off our series of Fireside Chats with Toyota engineers. If you missed those chats, you can catch up with our interview with Sheldon Brown, Chief Engineer at Toyota Motor North America, here

Editor’s Choice: Overland Trailers

Photo by Opus

Our Editor’s Choice round-ups are always popular, but this year, the Overland Trailers edition reigned supreme! Based on the love our audience gave this Editor’s Choice, we’ll take a deep dive into trailers next year and refresh our picks with the newest offerings. Plus, we’re planning to add some in-depth reviews to our Overland Trailer content.

Best Rigs of Overland Expo

Photo by Rick Stowe

Including these posts seems a bit selfish, but searching the exhibitor booths and camping areas for cool rigs is one of my favorite parts of each event. From the newest models to unique and retro builds, I never know what I’ll find. Regardless of what makes the top ten for each Overland Expo, I’ve come to expect the unexpected. In case you missed them, here are our favorite rigs from West, PNW, and East.

The Graceful Renegade

Our Why We Roam series has featured a wide array of travelers over the years. We continued this video series throughout 2023, and one episode featured Grace Schuessler, a.k .a. the Graceful Renegade. Grace is an experienced traveler, author, and filmmaker. Check out her episode below, and visit the Overland Expo YouTube channel for more of this great series. 

How To Be a Better Overlander  

Photo by Bryon Dorr

Every month, we publish a post designed to help experienced and novice backcountry enthusiasts build up their overland game. The How To series covers a broad range of skills, but regardless of the topic, we want to help you expand your knowledge base and capability. This year, we covered How to Increase Traction Off-Road, How to Overland Without a Fridge, How to Cook Over an Open Fire, and much more.  

If you have any ideas for future How To posts, let us know! You can always email us or drop us a line on social media.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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