Ultimate Moto 2021

Ultimate Moto 2021

The Ultimate Overland Trip on Our Ultimate Overland Motorcycle

When asked if I’d like to overland through the Rocky Mountains with someone else’s equipment for a week, the only credible answer was “yes.” When the machinery happens to be Overland Expo’s Ultimate Overland Motorcycle, it’s guaranteed to be a premium kit. The only pondering required was a simple, “When and where?”

How-to: Plan for an Adventure-Moto Trip

You’ve succumbed to calls of overland adventure and purchasing a shiny new dual-sport motorcycle. Before you set out into the wilderness on said new moto, it’s important to know how to do it, as well as what to pack.

Aspen Ridge Ultimate Moto Build

Trips & Trails: Aspen Ridge

For this Trips & Trails, Sterling Noren of Noren Films took Overland Expo’s 2021 Ultimate Overland Vehicle, Honda Africa Twin, on Aspen Ridge. The Honda Africa Twin will be a part of other storytelling throughout the year. Follow the 4Runner’s adventures on its official landing page.

How-to: Ride Two-Track on a Honda Africa Twin DCT

Overlanding has many faces. Typically, the image comes to mind of a well set-up rig like a 70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser, a Unimog, or a luxury-built Sprinter van. Certainly, however, there is also room for motorcycles in the community of overlanders.

Overland Expo Announces First-Ever Ultimate Overland Motorcycle Build

Overland Expo, the world’s premier event series for do-it-yourself adventure travel enthusiasts, announced its first-ever ‘Ultimate Overland Motorcycle Build’ based on the 2021 Honda Africa Twin. Partnering with Honda Powersports, Overland Expo and its staff of seasoned and passionate overlanders will outfit the Africa Twin, transforming the already-capable adventure motorcycle into the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle.

Why We Chose the Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT

Keen to get more motorcyclists outfitted, inspired, and out on overland journeys, Overland Expo is building the Ultimate Overland Motorcycle in 2021. With the goal of providing the gear and knowledge you need to hit the trail, we are building out a 2021 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES DCT to fuel your adventurous imagination.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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