Cinder Hills OHV

Trips & Trails: The Cinder Hills of Northern Arizona

If you’ve ever wanted to overland on the moon, this is as close you can get. The Cinder Hills OHV Area resembles the moon’s surface, partially because NASA pockmarked a portion of the Cinder Lakes area to match the Apollo landing sites with a series of controlled explosions in 1967.

Trips & Trails: Geronimo Trail

The Geronimo Trail stretches across a remote swath of southern Arizona and New Mexico. Covering over 80 miles of rugged high desert, you’ll follow in the footsteps of the Chiricahua Apaches, outlaws, and revolutionaries who passed through this region centuries ago.

Trips & Trails: Santa Rita Mountains

The Santa Rita Mountains are located in the Coronado National Forest in south central Arizona, just north of the Mexican border. They’re zigzagged with a series of winding, mountainous trails. The trails vary in length and difficulty. None is long enough in and of itself to make a full trip out of. However, you could string together a couple to make for a several-day trip.

Trips & Trails: Schnebly Hill Road

If you love the Flagstaff / Sedona area as much as we do you inevitably know of Schnebly Hill Road, a phenomenal dirt trail that has arguably the best view of Sedona one can get. If massive red rock buttes and ponderosa pine forests get you pumped, this is the trail for you.

Trips & Trails: Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route

Iconic is an understatement when you set out on an adventure that covers three different deserts, the Colorado Plateau, Grand Canyon and Navajo Nation. Spanning nearly 750 miles of diverse western terrain, the Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route makes for an epic off-road experience for motorcycles and 4WD vehicles alike.

One-Tank Adventures: Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona

One Tank Adventures are all about leaning into your locale and doing something brief but amazing: fill up once, do something awesome, get home before the gas light comes on. I set my sights on the Chiricahua Mountains in Southern Arizona for my latest OTA and the area is incredible for riding, hiking, and exploring.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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