Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: Ashley & Austins’ 1982 Chinook

At just about every Overland Expo, a couple of vehicles really stand out. It may be a great build from a company, a tried and true model that’s put together just right, or it might be something totally unique that stops you dead in your tracks. The latter is most definitely the case with Ashley and Austins’ 1982 Chinook.

Community Spotlight: Candi Skehan’s 2015 Wrangler Sahara

Candi Skehan is the perfect example of an overlander that has modified their rig to suit their needs but still maintained a simple build. Her 2015 Wrangler Sahara was purchased new, and Candi didn’t waste any time putting it to use.

Mike and Lauren's Land Cruiser during Why We Roam Ep. 5

‘Why We Roam’ Episode 5 Featuring Mike and Lauren

Our “Why We Roam” series continues with the fifth episode featuring Mike and Lauren of Go Play Outside. Together with their adventure dog Cooper, they explore the Southwest looking for new climbing and camping adventures.

Driven to Adventures/Why We Roam

‘Why We Roam’ Episode 4 Featuring Driven to Adventures

The “Why We Roam” series continues with this wonderful episode featuring Greg and Ginger of Driven to Adventures. Even though they had great jobs and a nice house, they also had long hours, conflicting work schedules, and plenty of exhaustion. They were comfortable, but it always felt like something was missing. After realizing that life doesn’t come with any guarantees, they started to look into overlanding as a way to explore new places. 

Vintage Broncos in Big Bear.

Community Spotlight: Paul Perry’s 1977 Bronco

While all overlanders appreciate their chosen vehicle as a tool for exploration, some have a loyalty to their rig that transcends to an entirely different level. Paul Perry is definitely amongst the ranks of the latter group, and even a glance at his Bronco shows that thought and care have gone into the modification and upkeep of the 44-year-old rig.

Community Spotlight: Tom Roszko and The Lost Box 4×4 Ambulance Conversion

The Lost Box, a medium-duty ambulance conversion built and operated by Tom Roszko is an inspiration to DIY adventure travelers everywhere. With a Victron solar system, a water system that can pump water from a pond, and a full bathroom and shower, Tom and his rig are ready for anything.

Community Spotlight: Duncan Barbour — Expert Driver, Leader, and Teacher

What do movies like Harry Potter and Braveheart have in common with Camel Trophy and Overland Expo? Duncan Barbour. Dunc is one of the great minds in 4×4 exploration, off-road training, and off-road movie rig production. Read more to learn about Duncan and where to find him at Overland Expo in 2020.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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