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Media Credentials Application MW 2024

OVERLAND EXPO 2024 MOUNTAIN WEST — August 23-25,2024 Please Read All Requirements Below Before Proceeding With Application ***Even if pre-approved for prior Overland Expo events, you will still need to fill out the below form.*** **PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DO NOT MEET OUR REQUIREMENTS**


REQUIREMENTS (ALL): Due to high volume of applications, you MUST meet and provide proof of at least ONE of the following requirements in order to be considered for media credentials: - Verifiable employment with a professional print magazine, newspaper, or online magazine or media site that is NOT a personal blog (see below for blog information). - Verifiable assignment as a freelance journalist or photographer from a professional print magazine, newspaper, or online magazine or media site that is NOT a personal blog (see below for blog information). You must either have an assignment or you must have a track record as a published journalist. - Owner of a blog with a significant following in a relevant industry (SEE BELOW) WE PRIORITIZE APPLICATIONS FROM WORKING MEDIA WITH ASSIGNMENTS OR FROM ESTABLISHED PRINT, VIDEO, OR ONLINE MEDIA RESOURCES.


- longevity (a site with many years online) - readership (successful blogger applicants have many thousands of readers and page views in the 100,000+ range) - influence (successful applicants have 10,000+ followers on social media channels and a genuine connection to communities interested in overlanding) DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DO NOT MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS PLEASE!
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One Grill, three fuel sources, unlimited potential. Cook right over a live campfire, with propane, or with charcoal as a grill or smoker.🔥

The ultra-portable @grillgame G1 gets further off the beaten path to enjoy the best BBQ ever cooked up out in the middle of nowhere. Fire restrictions or burn ban in place? No Problem. Choose which of four configurations best suits the circumstances and set up is complete in under a minute. After grilling, the G1 quickly breaks down and packs up to fit within its lid, saving valuable space in the rig while delivering the most options to grill and smoke.

Unmatched versatility and portability, the G1 is the ultimate outdoor grilling multi-tool. Link in our bio to learn more.🔗

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Choosing tires for your adventure motorcycle is a complex topic🏍️🤔

In the latest episode of Overland Essentials, @evarupert discusses factors to consider when choosing the right tire, and what to look for when buying your motorcycle tires for your preferred terrain when exploring.

Making the best choice will help you maintain grip, traction, and control on your adventure motorcycle so you can focus on riding and less time worrying about the tires’ capabilities.

Tap the link in our bio or head over to our YouTube channel to watch the full episode!🔗

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We are excited to present our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide!🎉

Looking for the perfect gift for the overlander in your life? Look no further! We’ve got over 40 items that will excite even the most well-outfitted explorers! Don’t forget, this gift guide also makes for some amazing self-shopping.😉

Browse this year’s collection by clicking the link in our bio and make this holiday season the most adventurous one yet!🔗🛒

Photo by: Devos Outdoor
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