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APRIL 2009

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From Attendees:

"[Overland Expo] brought us together with a common goal . . . conservation and responsible exploration. What a great thing! I think you could say that history was made last weekend, that this event validates  . . . that this is an industry, a lifestyle, a way of life that is growing, strong, good, and here to stay."

~ Scott Brown, Jeep, West Region Communications

"It was a fantastic chance to meet the whole tribe, and the sense of community was almost overwhelming. Unlike any 'trade show' I think I've been to before, it was much less about 'selling stuff' and so much more about sharing advice and experiences. Fantastic."

~ Jay Shapiro, EcoRoamer / Muskoka Foundation

"This weekend has shown me that the world of overlanding is an accessible one, even to the average person like myself. Though my goal is to explore Africa someday, my short-term goal of exploring the American Southwest is all the more plausible after this weekend and I have a firm sense of how to make that goal a reality."

~ Chris Bradley, La Habra, CA

"The involvement and enticement of women to overlanding [was a great success]. As a husband, I say 'thanks' for helping to bring my wife more into overlanding and having other wonderful ladies there as examples. My wife bought both of Lois Pryce's books (and got them signed of course). From the Sportsmobiles to the folding Adventure Trailer to the entire feel of the event, it was balanced and fun versus testosterone madness. Thank you!"

~ Lance Blair, Phoenix, AZ

"There was such a wealth of knowledge and experience present at each of the classes I attended that the instructors acted more like facilitators than traditional teachers. I found the instructors eager to choose topics and guide discussion rather than a more traditional teaching format. Everyone brought something to the learning table; we were all students and teachers at the same time. All the instructors did a truly stupendous job leading the discussions and restating the real world experiences from around the globe to create a very unique and effective learning experience."

~ Aaron Shrier, Los Angeles, CA

"We absolutely enjoyed it, including my wife. Where before I was just pulling her along (on overland trips), now, because of Overland Expo and her experiences here, she's beside me, or leading!"

~ Andy Trabucco, Solvang, CA

"It was wonderful - and inspirational. It opened new doors for me, as well as affirmed my husband's knowledge about overlanding - I'm much more comfortable now than ever before."

~ Mandy Wagner, Wittman, AZ


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Photo by Brett Willhelm, Willhelmn Visual Works

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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