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APRIL 2010

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What People Are Saying

From Exhibitors:

"I had such an incredible time meeting other vendors and getting inspired by the classes and films. [It was] a large and inclusive event that was beautifully detailed—all of us were swept up in the incredible energy that surrounded it. It was unforgettable for me. I look forward to being a part of it in the future." 

~ Nicole Espinosa,

From Attendees:

"With a majestic landscape as its backdrop, few public events speak to a sense of discovery better than the  Overland Expo. In our first year, in a display shared with outfitter ARB-USA, Suzuki staffers were delighted by both the venue and the organizer's ability to populate that venue. We hope to be back—with product and presenters that can even better engage those in attendance." 

~David Boldt, American Suzuki

"On behalf of the Dirkse family, I just wanted to say thank for a great OX10. We thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for our next opportunity to attend." 

~ Jeff Dirkse, Germany

"I was talking to one guy who said he pulled up to Overland Expo, parked, and spent his first two hours in the campground before he even realized he wasn't at the real show." 

~ Pat Bonish, Every Mile's a Memory

"Not only did the Raw-Hyde motorcycle training team teach us a ton of stuff in a short time, they did it in such a fun, positive manner. Their method boosted our confidence a bunch. We got out today and did 9.5 hours in the Arizona desert . . . top-10 best days of my life. Thanks . . . you guys changed our lives." 

~ Chris McGovern, Nevada City, CA

"G`day . . . Thank you for the hospitality—a great event, and well worth the trip." 

~ Lance Gillies, All Terrain Motorhomes, Australia

"Sarah [Batten, director of Land Rover Experience training] made it an experience I will not forget. She taught me about our car. She taught me how to make it fun, not just a drive in the desert . . . I am blessed to have had the privilege of learning from Sarah. In those few hours she took away the hot, dirty, deflated exhaustion and gave me an excitement for exploring." 

~ Stephanie Corder, Scottsdale, AZ

"Amazing people throughout, with so many interesting stories and so much heart. We got a kick out of being involved and had a fantastic reception on the business side." 

~ Tom Milne, Remote Medical International

"I feel that I can speak for all of the exhibitors, vendors, featured vehicles, day pass people, people who took classes, etc.: everyone that had the Expo experience gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and a great time. The event was well-organized, no litter, and staff was very helpful. Watch out for next year." 

~ Grant Sergot, Óptimo Hat-Works

"[During OX09] one could feel the 'buzz' of something special that was on the verge of exploding and I think the growth over last year confirms it. We had a great time. The satisfied and excited attitudes of my students re-affirmed it." 

~ Tim Huber, Phoenix, AZ

"The meeting of so many quality people has really and truly uplifted my life." 

~ Ara Gureghian, Alpine, TX


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Photo by Brett Willhelm, Willhelmn Visual Works

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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