The Recap & ExcitementOverland Expo Mountain West 2021

The Ranch

Loveland, Colorado

Overland Expo Mountain West

Event Statistics

  • 17,000+ attendees from all over the world
  • 270 registered exhibitors
  • 87 presenters, instructors, and VIPs
  • 60 media outlets 
  • 65 staff
  • 300+ classes, seminars, demos, activities, slideshows, and films; totaling 365+ session hours of instruction

Event Highlights

  • Raised more than $10,000 for Overland Expo Foundation with Friday’s raffle
  • Overland Expo revealed the Ultimate Overland Builds with a press event on Friday featuring the Honda Africa Twin and Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road.
  • GMC debuted the new Canyon AT4 OvrlandX concept at Overland Expo
  • 150 Adventure Motorcyclists gathered for the Rider Justice Moto Dinner + Raffle Saturday night
  • Fans hopped behind the wheel of the latest RAM Trucks on an off-road course in the RAM Ride & Drive
  • Attendees tested Kenda tires on Jeeps while driving a custom-built course at Kenda’s ‘Designed for Your Journey’ Ride & Drive
  • Harley, Yamaha, Triumph, and Ural hosted demo rides all weekend
  • Motorcycle Industry Council’s “We Ride” program introduced hundreds of attendees to riding motorcycles

What People Are Saying

From Sponsors:

REDARC, John Brothers, REDARC Media

Pretty amazing show.  It's awesome for a historically Australian company to get to interface with their customers in North America, face to face.  We are getting to make connections, human connections, shaking hands, fist bumps, explaining our product, actually getting to have fans touch our product and show them what our capabilities are.   Most importantly, we're forming new relationships.  That is hard to do when you are an entire ocean away.  We are just extremely thankful and excited for the opportunity to be able to interface with our customers.   We will be at every show.  We love being a part of this community.

KENDA- Michael Higgs, Automotive Central U.S/Canadian Region Manager

What a fantastic turnout, fantastic venue.  Can't believe the amount of people that came through our product display and drove in our off-road tire demo.  Just a fantastic weekend.

Harley Davidson - Justin Kleiter

We definitely had great traffic flow;  we were pleasantly surprised.  We weren't sure what to expect here at Mtn West but the amount of traffic was phenomenal.   We had a lot of riders come out.  We feel like we had really good visibility and the traffic flow was great.  Getting the messaging about our Pan America demos out to the overland folks worked really well.   We appreciate the video that was made to help educate attendees that we are doing on road demos as well as off paved demos.  I can't wait for Flagstaff.

From Exhibitors:

Eric Miller, TOURIG Co-Founder and CEO
Wow what a fantastic event! So many passionate people with beautiful energy.  We could not have asked for a better experience.  The spirit of adventure is definitely alive in Colorado!

Quietkat - Cory, Events Manager

This Overland Expo here in Loveland has been great for us.  It put us in front of the right people.  We have had great turnout and have been able to find out where Quietkat fits in the overland community.   Drew a lot of interest and showcased that the overland community is really into the e-bike movement.   It's been a good event for QuietKat and we are looking forward to more in the future.

Maxxis Tires, Brian Phillips, Marketing Supervisor

Beyond Expectations.  This is the first of these events that I have been able to get out to and just the crowd interaction and the potential for new business has been incredible.   Made a lot of great contacts.  The culture is great.  Really good job.   Maxxis will be here next year and for years to come.

Hank Gladney, Sales Director - Campworks

The overland expo team is absolutely phenomenal; you can tell from the second you walk into the expo grounds that everything was very well thought out. The service of the team is genuine and takes care of their partners, exhibitors, and guests to create a world class experience. We are excited to continuously come back to the overland expo events and be a part of this terrific community. Thank you!

From Attendees:

Tim & Marisa Notier, Overland Expo Attendees + Presenters

The Overland Expo Mountain West lived up to all of the expectations we had for a new venue!

The roundtables and classes were full of travelers and potential travelers who were filled with just as much wanderlust and excitement as I had the first time I attended the Overland Expo as an attendee back in 2016. It has been a venue filled with excitement and awe, a wonderful group of like-minded people with stories and dreams of traveling the world.  The adventure spirit ran throughout the classrooms, theater, and campground like a raging river of adrenaline and excitement. An essential stop on the Overland tour and we can't wait to participate again!

Ernesto - @OverlandTheAmericas - Presenter

What a great expo!  It was fun making new friends and reconneting with long time pals.  Kudos to the awesome team of organizers!  We're looking forward to seeing everyone again at West.

Alicia Hampton, Overland Experience Ticket Holder

There’s so much opportunity to learn new skills at Overland Expo - and  to see what all of the exhibitors have to offer.  I’ll definitely be back!

Dusty Wessells. -  West38 Moto

Thank you so much for a great event at Mtn West in Loveland!  Our crew and clients had a blast!  It was an honor to assist Bill  Dragoo with the moto training and to be recognized by Overland Expo.   We would love to do the same thing for the West event in Flagstaff.    Thank you again for all your efforts.

Featured Media Coverage

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Instructor Spotlight: Mylo Fowler

Overland Expo is thrilled to feature National Geographic photographer and contributor Mylo Fowler at our Colorado event. Mylo will be speaking on “The Power of Adventure Photography.”


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