The Recap & Excitement2022 East

Oak Ridge Estate

Arrington, Virginia

October 7-9, 2022

Event Statistics

  • 15,000 attendees from all over the world
  • 240 registered exhibitors
  • 104 presenters, trainers, and VIPs
  • 20 journalists
  • 68 staff
  • 302 + classes, seminars, demos, activities, slideshows, and films; totaling 348+ session hours of instruction
  • Many U.S. states were represented; in highest attendance were Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and Florida; others came from as far west as California, Oregon, and Utah, and from as far north as Alaska and Idaho.
  • International attendees came from Canada and Great Britain.

Event Highlights

  • With 15,000 attendees, thousands of campers, and 240+ exhibitors, Overland Expo East 2022 was officially the largest East event on record.
  • 135 of the 240+ exhibitors present were new to the East event.
  • The Overland Expo EAST education program included 173 fresh, new demos, seminars, and classes including topics like “Working Under the Stars with Starlink,” “Overland Cyber Safe,” and “The Reluctant Overlander: Getting Your Partner to Go With You.” Sessions taught by international instructors, Sam Manicom (UK), Reece Gilkes and Matt Bishop (The Sidecar Guys), and Taylor and Mike Bennet (Canada) were overflowing. The Kid’s Adventure Area welcomed a new mother-daughter teaching duo, Julie and Cora Dieguez! 
  • Potential Motors hosted the first public debut of their electric off-road utility camper van.
  • INEOS Automotive hosted a public debut of the new Grenadier prototype.
  • Hundreds attended the Friday night raffle with thousands of dollars worth of prizes donated from exhibiting companies.  The raffle raised $11,500  for the Overland Expo Foundation.  
  • Saturday’s moto party raised $1000 for Rally for Rangers. We are excited to help support their new US-based initiative in Navajo Nation!
  • Attendees demoed Nexen Tires driving overland kitted Jeeps on an off-road ride-along course.
  • Attendees learned to ride motorcycles with the Motorcycle Industry Council’s Ride With Us program.

What People Are Saying

From Exhibitors:

Brian Fulton - Owner, Goose Gear

All four Overland Expo events have been incredibly beneficial for us this year. This event series is our company’s baseline for events - and nothing else even comes close. We’re happy to say we’ve been attending Overland Expos since 2015 and we have no intentions of missing a single event in the near future. You guys have done a great job scaling your business in step with the tremendous scaling our industry has seen over the past few years. Thank you and see you at the next event.


Ben Azzam - CEO, TRUCKD

Thank you and your team for putting on a great show this past weekend in Virginia!  It was our best show to date for sales and meeting new people. We handed out all of the stickers we came with and over 500 info cards as well!  One of the coolest things that happened to us was that we had customers from last year who ordered some of the first systems we produced stop by to tell us how much they have enjoyed the system on their trucks. Shows like this offer an unparalleled opportunity for small companies like us to interact with their customers. We can't wait to continue to grow our company with Overland Expo!  Thanks for all your hard work, and we hope to see you at more shows next year!

Jason Yard - Marketing Director - Nexen Tire

The Overland Expo East event was a huge success for Nexen Tire. We had a great location on the main track and our ride-and-drive course was very popular. On Friday and Saturday, we had over 380 attendees sign up. Everyone who came by had a fun time and appreciated the activity.  The Overland Expo team did a great job keeping us organized and on track building our course. We will definitely be back.


Arnold Baker - Managing & Founding Partner, Overland Expedition Vehicles (OEV)

The show was a complete success. It had a wonderful feel to it that is unique to this incredible venue.  The show has always attracted people from the Eastern USA, but we also noticed a very large presence of folks from Eastern Canada. The attendees were very engaged and extremely excited about our products.

We, along with all the attendees, really enjoyed the size and feel of this show.  For these reasons, we would not be surprised to see attendance grow considerably over the next few years.  We will be back next year and are already planning for it.  Thanks for everything.


Jack Rabinovitch - Owner, Among The Wild Co

Thank you so much for taking the time to include Among The Wild in the giveaway raffle. The number of people that came up to my booth the day after hearing about our stickers was overwhelming. The raffle helped put us on the map to say the least! We will be sure to give many more stickers in future raffles as the results were epic.


Rin Oostydk - North America Brand Manager, Alu-Cab 

Wow, another amazing year of Overland Expos is in the books! A big thanks to Anthony and the O.E.X. team for continuing to expand with the overland market and for providing vendors with a top-tier venue to showcase products and services.

From Attendees:

Sam Manicom - Presenter, Writer, Around-The-World Motorcycle Traveler

Attendees' curiosity is in full flow. I absolutely loved the audience. Classes have been big and full of people who asked fantastic questions. I’ve seen more people taking notes than ever before.  For me and the other presenters I talked to, it’s been a buzz. Sharing rocks and I’m sorry it’s nearly over.  Plus, the attendees in my presentations have been full of all age groups - It’s brilliant to see so many younger people in the audience.


David Mays - Presenter, Writer

Another Expo comes to a close and as usual, it was both a pleasure and an honor to be associated with this group of people.  I was fortunate enough to instruct in several classes as well as have my vehicle shown in the DIY Showcase area which was a fantastic experience.  Instructing and sharing personal experiences is one of the best ways to give back to a community that has given me so much.  I’m grateful for what this community, many of whom I now consider family, have done for me to inspire me to push further, adventure harder, and travel more.  Thank you OX for giving me this opportunity!  See ya next year!


Emily - New Motorcycle Overland Experience Attendee

As a woman new to motorcycling, going through training was very important. This experience has been life-changing. There’s so much information to walk away with and the instructors have so much advice and give encouragement to help us all improve… I will be back next year. The whole experience has been the best!


Aaron - East Attendee

Thank you so much for an amazing time. The attention to detail was well-loved for this handicapped vet.

Featured Media Coverage

Twenty journalists attended Overland Expo East including journalists from these high-profile media outlets:

  • Car and Driver
  • Autopian
  • Field & Stream
  • 4WD Magazine
  • Overland International
  • CBS Charlottesville
  • Virginia Living


Best Gear of Overland Expo East 2023

Overland Expo East once again brought some of the coolest and newest gear to our community. We searched the aisles to find the gear that can increase your capability and comfort in the backcountry.

Best Rigs of Overland Expo East 2023

No matter where you looked at Overland Expo East 2023, you were bound to find awesome rigs. From the exhibitor aisles to the campground and in the day parking area, overland rigs of every shape, size, and model were there to be inspected.


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