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MAY 15-17, 2015

Event Statistics

  • 245 registered exhibitors, including feature vehicles, authors and filmmakers, representing 1,500 people
  • 187 classes, seminars, demos, activities, slideshows, and films; over 400 session hours of instruction
  • 140 presenters, instructors, and VIPs
  • 30 staff & 50 volunteers 
  •  5,000+ from around the world (total # on site)
  • 600 Overland Experience package attendees
  • Attendees came from as far away as Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Mexico, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and South Africa. 
  • Many U.S. states and nearly all Canadian provinces were represented: nearby Arizonans, Californians, and Coloradans were in high attendance, and others came from as far north as Alaska and from as far east as Florida and Connecticut.

Event Highlights

  • Record-breaking rain and snow during the event (the most in 100+ years) yet somehow the adventure and camaraderie added up to the very best show ever, Snoverland Expo. Created many impromptu recoveries and teaching.
  • Record-breaking sales numbers reported from Exhibitors.
  • Exhibitor attendance grew by 25%. Attendees were down by 10% because we opened an EAST show and saw some transfer to that venue.

What People Are Saying

From Exhibitors:

"We didn't get an opportunity at the Expo to thank you for all your hard work at making this year's show a success! Even with the cold weather, the turn-out was tremendous and we were super busy at our booth all weekend long!"

~ Dave and Diane Hoskins, Aluminess Products

"Thanks for running a great show on top of the crazy weather! Kudos to all the staff!"

~ Cari Rowe, Phoenix Pop Up / Coyote RV

From Attendees:

"It’s far more about people. It’s far more about making contact—making friends. And I must admit that every time I’ve been [to Overland Expo] I’ve made friends, created real genuine friendships . . . Friendship, networking, it’s about people. It’s what makes that show unique. And the way I know this is true, is that despite all that terrible, terrible weather very few people left. They stuck it out in the slush, mud, and freezing snow. Just to be together. It’s actually quite remarkable." 

~ Andrew St. Pierre White,, watch the video here

"Few things that you really need to know. The weather was an extreme and unexpected blessing.  It really separated the overlanders from the weekend warriors and those that stuck it out, were able to have very deep and meaningful connections with one another without the distraction of the folks that explore Google Earth, rather than planet earth. :-) The spirit of the Overland Expo, I always thought, is to connect with people, share stories, teach and learn. Oh yeah, and check out all of the fascinating gadgets and machinery that make this lifestyle possible. Thanks for making such an amazing forum for us to share. Your team should be commended. Enjoy a well-deserved rest."

~ Brad Barker

"It was my maiden voyage to [Overland Expo 2015 WEST] with my new rig; you may see some resemblance to the JATAC as you guys were my inspiration! This was my 3rd [Overland Expo] and it was challenging as I've never camped before, or as Martyn from Adventure Trailers lamented, 'There you have it, you can go anywhere then.'"

~ Mitch Medina

"You guys are the best! I loved every moment of it! I'll see you all back next year OX 2016!"

~ Jim Sanchez

"It was a fantastic event; self-reliance and collective support. If this had been any other group, they would have called out the National Guard and the Red Cross. "

~David Hoffman

"I was so impressed with the professional manner that you handled a very challenging situation. Great job! Your staff was gracious and helpful through it all."

~ Cynthia C.

"[Overland Expo] was a very nice experience (although very muddy) to meet so many other travelers from all over the world. Also very nice were the presentations by other travelers. Thank you and all the best." 

~ Erika and Alber, VIP Travelers

"I heard that you gave refunds for those stuck in the muck and that is very big of you guys. I was at the event and it was a mess but it's overlanding and it's not always roses, so it's better to see what fails when you're in a large group and can get pulled out than be in a spot that might not be so easy. I learned to keep myself and two dogs from totally mucking up the van. No, I don't want anything and just wanted to thank you for helping those that needed it."

~ Kelly Hearn

"My son and I had a good time. While the mud sucked both figuratively and literally, we both learned a lot in our classes. We also learned which pieces of our equipment worked or not. Any disappointment I have has nothing to do with what the expo crew could control. . . my son and I had fun, met some really good folks, attendees and vendors. We will be back again."

~Kevin LaCroix

"... the Overland Expo this year was one for the record books. I would like to recognize our next-door neighbors in the very back of the camping venue which I affectionately called the pasture. Marty and his father arrived Friday in a stock grey Jeep Rubicon with mud tires. Marty was ex-military and had a very generous spirit—and a pull-strap. I stopped counting after he pulled 15 cars, trucks, and campers out of the mud Saturday. He was tireless in his enthusiasm to help. His only request (and his father's) is that we pay it forward someday to another who needs help. Marty had, in my opinion, exactly the kind of overlander spirt I aspire to. He was kind, generous in spirit and knowledge, helping everyone who asked. More importantly, he was the best bartender I ever had the pleasure of camping beside."

~ Mitchell Marty

"Once again the expo was great this year despite the weather, thank you. I just wanted to send 2 pictures to you.  My wife and I have been to the overland expo the last 4 years, this year was our first outing with our 6 week old son. We were there Thursday morning thru Sunday camping in a tent and still loved it. My wife is tough as nails and never complained, not even during the middle of the night feedings in a 25 degree tent."

~ Chris Carter

"If you could control the weather… :-) That factor notwithstanding, we had a good show, are glad we attended, and are grateful for all the hard work that went into making it as comfortable and successful as possible. Without your efforts to help companies like ours have conversations with their market, we’d all be struggling. Instead, we’re growing. THANK YOU, and please extend my thanks to everyone on your team."

~ Karen Hayes, LYNX Hooks Systems


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Photo by Brett Willhelm, Willhelmn Visual Works

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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