The Recap & ExcitementOverland Expo East 2023

Oak Ridge Estate

Arrington, Virginia

October 6-9, 2023

Event Statistics

  • 15,250 attendees 
  • 260 registered exhibitors 
  • 98 presenters, trainers, and VIPs 
  • 25 media attendees  
  • 319 classes, seminars, demos, activities, slideshows, and films; totaling 339 session hours of instruction 
  • Attendees descended on Arrington, Virginia from all across the United States, including California to Maine and Washington to Florida; as well as other countries including Australia, Canada, Germany, and Uganda. 
  • 43 U.S. states were represented; the highest attendance traveled from Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Maryland & Pennsylvania.

Event Highlights

  • With 15, 250 attendees, thousands of campers, and 260 vendors, we've officially set a new record for the largest Overland Expo East.  
  • This was the largest raffle in Overland Expo history, with hundreds of attendees, and it raised $20,000 for the Overland Expo Foundation. 
  • Nexen Tires, Honda, Harley Davidson, and Yamaha all hosted Ride & Drives, which allowed attendees to get hands-on experience with their products.  
  • Each night, attendees could choose between a wide variety of after-hours activities. Honda, Lexus, Toyo Tires, Yamaha, and Toyota hosted evening events that drew in hundreds of attendees. 
  • The Toyota Fireside Chat provided a great opportunity to speak with Toyota Engineers and to check out the all-new Land Cruiser and Tacoma Trailhunter. 
  • Ninety-eight presenters, trainers, and VIPs presented 319 classes and demos over the weekend. This totaled 339 session hours that covered topics ranging from "From Expo East to the Arctic Ocean: How Two Couples Met & Decided to Drive to Alaska" to "Fire Building: Safety, Comfort, and Wilderness Preservation." There was truly a class for everyone, from the novice to experienced international overlanders.  
  • Once again, the Motorcycle Industry Council's Ride With Us program allowed attendees to learn the basics of motorcycle riding in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. 

What People Are Saying

From Exhibitors:

The Overland Expo events are an incredibly important part of the Dometic go-to-market strategy. They provide us the opportunity to spend face-to-face time with our customers and dealers. The expos allow us to identify trends in the industry, and ensure we are developing the right products at the right price for the right customer. 

One of the other reasons we love the Overland Expo series is the organizers make it easy for us to attend. They value our participation and feedback. We truly feel like part of the Overland community, and appreciate the way the organizers reinforce that community through on-site camping, events, and social gatherings. The staff is always eager to help, and genuinely excited about their role in making these events special.

- Travis Weist, Director of Sales - Dometic


We always have a great time building relationships and meeting people in person at Overland Expo. Coming here, there’s so many people we’ve talked with online but never met face to face. It’s always a lot of fun!

- Adam Owens, President - Green Chile Adventure Gear


We really branched out into an incredible space with Overland Expo East as Forged Authority Off-Grid's first-ever show. Dorothy, our self-deployable wind turbine received incredible feedback from attendees and exhibitors alike! 

We met a bunch of amazing people and made friendships that will last a lifetime.  The relationships we made with outfitters, groups like Bronco Nation, and other key vendors will help shape the future for our innovative wind energy technology and other crucial off-road truck & van accessories.

We'll definitely be back next year and look forward to exploring the other Overland Expo events across the United States!

- Ian Lehn, VP - Forged Authority Off-Grid

From Attendees:

The Overland Expo team has been amazing - and for an event this big, the positive attitude and extra effort you make to help attendees have a great experience is phenomenal. Special thanks for going the extra mile and helping us to find the perfect campsite. I look forward to more exciting events to come. 

- John Seay, Premium Camper


This was my first time attending as an instructor this Fall at East. The diverse experience levels of expo attendees quickly made me realize I have a lot of knowledge to offer and it’s great hearing everyone’s stories along the way. I always say we don’t use the “F” word (finished) in overlanding because we’re never really finished building out our rigs, but that applies to education too! There’s always something new to learn and sharing the knowledge I’ve picked up along the way has been a highly rewarding experience.

- Andy Anderson, Instructor


This is the 6th Overland Expo we’ve attended since our first Expo in 2019. The experience gets better every time we attend. The number and diversity of vendors is remarkable. Being able to physically handle new products and talk to the actual inventor is very helpful in making a buying decision. We love the Expos!

- Bob & Joyce O, Weekend Pass Campers


We’ve really enjoyed being a part of the DIY/Showcase area of the Expo. Talking to people and helping them walk through what adventures they want to pursue is so much fun. We’ve enjoyed meeting so many new people and we have even planned camping trips in the future with some of these new friends. Thank you for giving us the opportunity!

- Amy & Leif Heneke


Classes were very informative. The Overland Expo Training Team definitely helped put my mind at ease when it comes to getting stuck and how to think calmly on how to get yourself out.

The Outdoor Eats class was great! If you have a chance to take that class, I highly recommend it. Simple meal, but very tasty in under 30 minutes. Instructor Chef Corso helps you think outside of the box.

  - Raj Deshmukh, Overland Experience Pass Holder




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Best Gear of Overland Expo East 2023

Overland Expo East once again brought some of the coolest and newest gear to our community. We searched the aisles to find the gear that can increase your capability and comfort in the backcountry.

Best Rigs of Overland Expo East 2023

No matter where you looked at Overland Expo East 2023, you were bound to find awesome rigs. From the exhibitor aisles to the campground and in the day parking area, overland rigs of every shape, size, and model were there to be inspected.


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