Before becoming joining the Overland Expo team, Azure O’Neil was part of our elite lineup of overland speakers / presenters; she enjoys occasionally returning to this role when her staff duties permit at our shows. Having traveled around the world by boat in 2005, perhaps it was only a matter of time before Azure was drawn to the overland community. In 2011, she left a career in corporate America to learn how to make wine and explore the wide-open spaces of Australia and beyond.

Since then, Azure has overlanded through 31 countries (both by two and four wheels), including a multi-year journey on her 1989 Honda Transalp which brought her from coast to coast and top to bottom of both North and South America. Azure’s “work breaks” while overlanding have seen her harvest winemaking, swabbing the decks of scuba dive boats, and reporting locally, and throughout her travels, for a TV news station in her part-time “hometown” of Sarasota, FL. When she’s not working to put together Overland Expo’s first-in-class educational programming, Azure can be found moto-camping, paddleboarding or planning her next big trip: a long motorcycle ride through Russia and Mongolia. You can follow her travels @MyTicketToRide, where she documents her adventures in motorcycle maintenance, creative two-wheeled dismounts and occasionally shares the coordinates of her “new favorite” wild campsite.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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