Chris first developed a love for travel at the age of eight while on a twenty-five-hundred-mile family road trip through the American West. Each subsequent summer would bring a new family trip, a new adventure, and an increased hunger for more travel. That desire eventually led him to live in Italy during his early twenties, where he was struck by how accessible the rest of the world could be and vowed to experience as much of it as he could. Since then, he has managed to travel through twenty some-odd countries with a lengthy list of new places on the to-visit list. Chris has recently discovered an ancient mode of overland travel – camel back and is hoping to explore more of North Africa’s wilderness by dromedary in the near future.

Chris currently works as an architect in Oakland, California, specializing in school and multi-family projects. When not working or planning his next adventure, he is obsessed with landscape photography and can often be found plucking away at his Stratocaster.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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