Fred cut his teeth off-roading in his late teens on the rocky, muddy, tree-lined trails of upstate NY. In 1985, he opened a four-wheel-drive repair shop, and in 1990, was selected to represent Team USA for the Camel Trophy in Siberia USSR. Fred returned to Camel Trophy in 1991 and 1992 as a support driver and as a convoy mechanic in 1992.  

Fred has been a driving instructor for Land Rover North America since 1997.  Although he missed the very first Overland Expo at Mormon Lake, he’s only missed two other events since then.  

Fred has four sons and notes that his Camel Trophy career came to an end once his twins were born in 1993.  He’s an automotive enthusiast that has owned Jeeps, Toyotas, Scouts, Land Rovers, and a ‘67 Impala.  He currently owns and drives a 1989 Range Rover, a 1999 Toyota Tacoma complete with a FWC Fleet camper, a Honda CRV, and a plow truck.  

Fred is excited to be a part of the Overland Expo Driving Instructor team at events this year.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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