Sarah spent 16 years working for Jaguar Land Rover. Starting out as an Off-Road Driving Instructor and Lantra ATV Instructor with Land Rover Experience, she became Training Manager in 2013, successfully leading a wholesale change in the way recruitment, development and assessment were delivered across 56 centers and 1200 Instructors.

Working in the land-based sector with Lantra (one of the UK’s leading awarding bodies for land-based industries), as a 4×4 Instructor, a Technical Verifier, and now as a Trustee, gave her a wider view of agriculture and the challenges it faces. 

In 2019, she chose to leave JLR and pursue her dream of working for herself.  Sarah is involved in delivering vehicle-based, overland adventure holidays alongside mentoring and coaching women in male-dominated fields.  Her aim is to help women build their resilience whilst identifying, developing, and achieving their own goals and aspirations in a supportive, honest and open setting.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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