Tobin began seeking out wheeled adventures at an early age. Born in the Mojave Desert, he was introduced to overlanding by family friends who would take him on adventures into the desert in an old Willys Jeep. He grew up on a steady diet of buggies and motorcycles, seeking the freedom they encouraged. In addition to enjoying riding and driving off-road vehicles, Tobin is a veteran builder and outfitter.
A born teacher and passionate about sharing what he’s learned, He strives to acquire and apply knowledge, whether that be building house systems for rigs or designing and building trails. Tobin is a charter instructor for Dragoo Adventure Rider Training (D.A.R.T.) located in the surprisingly diverse landscape of Oklahoma. In 2017, D.A.R.T. joined Overland Expo, with Tobin as a lead instructor, providing motorcycle training to many eager students. Looking to mix it up, he joined the vehicle training team for Expo in 2021. He and Jenny, his wife, recently sold their bicycle shop and coffee shop in order to pursue traveling and training full time.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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